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3.15.17, 7:01 PM
Seriously, what?
We are totally set up to find out how Jack dies and then...not.
I guess once the production crew got notice that they were renewed, they decided to drag this story line out into next season.

In my opinion, this was a really poor season finale.
While it gave viewers back story on Jack and Rebecca, it really didn't leave any "what will happen next?" tag.
And just in case we forgot that Randall, Kate and Kevin were a part of that story, there was that "felt like it was thrown in" bit about Randall wanting to adopt a baby, Kate wanting to sing and Kevin being all into Sophie, but maybe Sophie not being all into Kevin.

While I have enjoyed this season for the most part, I was very disappointed in this final episode.

3.16.17, 12:27 PM
I finally watched the finale last night and I agree, it really didn't feel like a season finale at all. But, as it ended, I wondered if something happens to him on the way to Miguel's that morning and that may be how the next season opens. We know the kids were teens when he died, so it has to happen soon and the fact that Kate feels it's her fault and all. I need to watch the Aftershow tonight and see what they talk about. In all, it was a good episode and I still love their love story. I thought it was so sweet when he gave her all the reasons he still loves her. That is what alerted me that it could have been his final words to her. At any rate, I hate that it's over til next season.

3.17.17, 5:42 AM
We know the kids were teens when he died, so it has to happen soon

Since they tell the story of the past in flash backs, "soon" is a relative term for this show.

I have read a lot of reviews and comments about this episode, and the overwhelming response was that it was disappointing.
If they were not going to do the big reveal on how Jack dies as the season finale, they would have been better off saving the Memphis episode for the season's last episode.
It certainly was the best one of the whole first season.

3.17.17, 12:43 PM
After watching the After Show interview last night, we may not know what happened to Jack for a very long time.

3.18.17, 6:19 PM
I think it is unfortunate that the writers have chosen to drag that out.