View Full Version : OK, problem solved. The poor don't want healthcare

3.10.17, 2:57 AM
Is this not the dumbest thing! Sheesh!


3.10.17, 12:47 PM
That's up there with Paul Ryan's "suffering is good" mentality or Jason Chaffetz saying poor people need to choose between their Iphone and healthcare.

What do you expect from people whose hobby is to find ways to save pennies to waste dollars?

3.12.17, 1:42 AM
At least we have a lawyer with no ecology background to head the EPA. Why bother with the fakeness of science anyway.


3.12.17, 8:12 PM
Happy now Sanders/Stein fans?
Let's ignore religion, let's ignore guns, let's ignore reproductive and sexual morality, and pick on corporate donors to people like Chuck Schumer and Cory Booker to make some sort of case that "they're all the same" and pretend government officials are just like Pro-Wrestling or Wil-e Coyote/Sam Sheepdog cartoons where they're attacking each other on the clock, but best pals off.