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3.9.17, 5:50 PM
Kris, all I could think about was your "reach out" woman at work when Randall got that crass sympathy card from work signed "The Team".

Another tear producing episode.
I loved every single way that William said goodbye to his family.

There were a lot of good lines in this one, but the best was William's partner, telling Randall about how good William was with a young newcomer to Narcotics Anonymous.
And how William helped that young newcomer.
Describing that part of William, his partner said, "He was a soft armrest for weary souls to lean on."
The writers for this show are top shelf.

3.10.17, 11:12 AM
I was so happy that Randall told his boss and co-workers where to go and quit his job. It will be so interesting to see what he does next. I say it all the time, but I just love Sterling K. Brown. He is such a good actor. I think we pretty much know what is going to happen to Jack this week. :( And I loved the memorial service the girls set up for William. The walk with the hats was priceless.

3.10.17, 7:26 PM
I loved the walk in "Grandpa hats".

I read an interesting comment about this story line that I agree with.
For all the great writing on this show, it seemed kind of a lame story telling technique to insert the whole "William is gay" thing without much development of that.
The phone call between Randall and Jessie this week felt like a reminder.
I thought it was odd that William's partner was not at his memorial service.
Dennis O'Hare is a pretty popular actor, so maybe the phone call was all he could commit to for this episode.

On another note...What was up with the Ron Howard cameo?

3.13.17, 11:42 AM
I was shocked to see Ron Howard too. But, I guess it was the affirmation that Kevin needed since the critic he wanted so badly to attend opening night didn't show. And now he has that movie offer in LA and will have to decide what to do since he's back with his ex-wife. I also thought that Jessie would attend the memorial.