View Full Version : New eggs at the eagle cam nests.

3.9.17, 4:48 PM
The DC eagles have two eggs, and as of today at about 3pm eastern, the Sauces Channel Island nest has one!

DC Eagle Cam (http://www.dceaglecam.org/): http://www.dceaglecam.org/

Sauces Channel Island eagle cam (http://explore.org/live-cams/player/channel-islands-national-park-sauces-bald-eagle): http://explore.org/live-cams/player/channel-islands-national-park-sauces-bald-eagle

3.10.17, 2:46 AM
Cool! Thanks for the links. One that I love is the Tiger family of Great Horned Owls. I started watching in 2014 with Mr. and Mrs. Tiger who had built a nest in a planter box on a second floor Juliette balcony home. The human family set up web cams and people from all over the world visit. The web site is named for the family's daughter who was six years old at the time at the first lay, is now 12 and over the years many teachers have had students following this owl family. Mr. and Mrs. Tiger raised several owlets over the years there, then last year sadly Mrs. Tiger was shot and killed by someone with a pellet gun (they never found out who the perp was).

Mr. Tiger (why they named them Tigers is told at the website) found a new mate this year, Altera. Experts determined she is a young owl and probably why she laid two clutches of eggs and abandoned them before the final 3rd clutch of two owlets were laid and who have now hatched a couple of days ago. :-)

What is also so enjoyable is that the hundreds of people who tune in and chat are super friendly AND owlet siblings, mom and dad (past and present) really do seem to love each other with tender kisses and clucking . It's a great family friendly site, although I do feel sad for the prey brought to the nest, but it is the circle of life.


3.10.17, 3:09 AM
For those may not know...owls are nocturnal and only leave the nest at dusk then we get to see the new tiny puffball owlets when Momma does a flyabout. :-)

4.2.17, 8:49 AM
You can visit several nesting cameras at this site.
They used to have Great Blue Herons, but the herons have stopped nesting in the woods where they set up their cameras.