View Full Version : Another conspiracy theory - Obama's wire-tapping Trump

3.5.17, 9:01 AM
And his supporters will eat it up, and any problems Trump faces will be blamed on Obama. This coming from the party that claims to be the party of "personal responsibility".
This reminds me of what happens when there is a pediphile or an adulterer in a church's clergy. Such people will seek forgiveness and/or blame someone else for their problems and the congregation will forgive and believe, but at the same time pretend the slate has been cleaned, only for that person to commit his crime/sin again.

http://occupydemocrats.com/2017/03/04/dan-rather-just-said-thinking-trumps-wiretap-scandal/ (http://occupydemocrats.com/2017/03/04/dan-rather-just-said-thinking-trumps-wiretap-scandal/)

3.6.17, 2:27 AM
A certain and most usual deflection by the Trump campaign. Once something negative comes up...find some other rabbit for the press to chase as with this (once again) a blathering tweet with no evidence to back it up. The Liar-in-Chief knows his base does not care about truth and will not investigate. Trump knows that the majority of the GOP Congress is afraid to dare question him and that if they do...he has promised to use his liar based, belittling campaign strategy against them. At this point it's all a win-win for Trump, but how long that can go on is yet to be determined.

3.6.17, 8:02 PM
I keep praying that Trump will find something truly "presidential" within himself. But that's a silly thing, isn't it? It would actually take a miracle.

3.6.17, 10:18 PM
It's all this Anti-Clinton/Obama propaganda that's floating around. The Republican Party has presented them as something that is pure evil, and are capable of anything they consider evil. Having a child-prostitution ring behind a pizza parlor, wire-tapping Trump's phones, etc.

How is it that "They're All The Same"/Stein/Sanders groups don't see this?

3.7.17, 3:25 AM
Johnson was an intellectual failure, Stein no better in other regards and Sanders built a great following, but his followers underestimated the mainstream Democrats (and the party) would not feel comfortable nominating a non-conventional former Independent candidate.

As to the wire tapping fiasco ....this is one more thing that goes to show that Trump's information is coming from tabloid media conspiracy forums while he never takes the time to read or understand how govt. processes functions. Only the FISA court can authorize wire taps and IF they did it would be because there was some reason to believe the tap was placed due because there was some credible information of criminal or national security activity (i.e.: collusion with a foreign govt.).

3.7.17, 4:16 AM
I'm referring more to this "they're all the same" mentality of the Johnson/Stein/Sanders crowds. The mentality that says that both the Democrats and the Republicans are similar, mostly due to similar corporate backers. (This seems to be an obsession with the Greens. Keep in mind religion is ignored by the Greens).
Meanwhile to the Republicans, everything the Democrats do is evil, and are capable of all sorts of evil from having a child prostitution ring to wire-tapping Trump Tower, while everything the Republicans do is good, even though they may be doing something similar, and I would think that the Republicans should have made it clear by now that the Democrats and Republicans are nothing alike.