View Full Version : First Oscars show I've watched end-to-end in AGES!

2.27.17, 1:59 AM
It went long, but it was terrific fun -- and had some surprises. Major surprises.

The politics was present but mostly subtle and low-key.

Kimmel was great! ImHO, of course.

2.27.17, 3:25 AM
I don't usually watch all of it either, but went ahead and recorded Walking Dead...and watched the whole Oscars. Loved the continuing Damon/Kimmel thing...lol. Overall, it went well, was entertaining, except for the end gaffe. Shades of Steve Harvey! Have to feel for any who make such blunders and how embarrassing that is for them.

The only nominated movie we had seen was Arrival, so was par for us as we usually see few/none until well after they after they are available on DVD.

2.27.17, 10:19 AM
I, of course, chose not to watch because four hours of political speeches bore me. I only watched the last three awards and jumped up and down with glee when my nemesis Meryl Streep lost. How in the world did La La Land lose to a film only about 50 people saw? Poor Warren Beatty! The biggest mix-up in Oscar history.

2.27.17, 12:41 PM
I actually watched most of the show too and was pleasantly surprised that the political jargon was low key. I felt so bad for Warren Beatty and for the people from La La Land.

2.28.17, 10:18 AM

Once again, someone is on their phone and not paying attention!

2.28.17, 1:34 PM
Actually, I am amazed that this kind of error has not happened before at an awards show.
Many of the people there are high as a kite on one thing or another.
And they keep the best picture award until last, at time when people have been drinking (or whatever) all night.
Add cell phone distraction into that mix and it is a wonder any award is presented correctly.