View Full Version : Nashville - SPOILERS

2.26.17, 9:44 AM
When I first heard about the show "Nashville" I didn't think I would like it.
I am not a country music fan, so I didn't think the premise would appeal to me.
However, it was just "night time soap opera" enough to rope me in.
And most of the music is good (aka not TOO country).

I have recently been thinking that the show was not as good since ABC cancelled it and CMT picked it up.
Connie Britton leaving the show took me completely by surprise.
I had not read anything about it. (They killed her off in a car accident. It would have been more interesting to have Rayna's stalker kill her than to have her die in yet another car accident)

Rayna (Britton's character) is really the heart and soul of this show, so I can't see Nashville going on successfully without her.
I loved the Rayna/Deacon love story and I can't see Deacon being much of an interesting character without Rayna.
Much the same as Meredith on Grey's Anatomy has not been much of an interesting character since Derek's death.
When a love story becomes central to a story, and then they kill off one half of the love story, there isn't much left for the remaining partner.
Meredith still narrates the beginning and end and occasionally makes a cameo appearance folding children's laundry (although we rarely see Zola, Bailey and Ellis anymore).

As for Nashville's remaining stories, they have all gone flat.
I have no interest in Juliette and her gospel career.
Gunner and Scarlett are as boring as weak tea.
And while I love to hear the Lennon sisters sing, I have no interest in Maddie or Daphne's stories either.
I'm pretty "meh" about Avery and Will as well.

I have a feeling that once Britton is completely gone from the show (I think they are going to bring her ghost back a few times) Nashville will fizzle out.