View Full Version : What was she expecting? Tolerance? Acceptance?

2.24.17, 7:07 PM
Did she ever expect Republicans to ever see her as something other than a glorified cross-dresser?


3.3.17, 1:14 AM
Trump is bowing to the hard right on this and, once again, flip-flopping from what he said before. I'll do a Trumpism here: "I've heard" ...."some say" that Trump is guided by whoever has his ear last. So his view can change with the next advisor.

3.3.17, 12:19 PM
Obviously he's not surrounding himself with people who have the well-being of the LGBTQ community in mind. I think what is obvious is that he and those who support him have a rigid view of masculinity and femininity, along with homosexuality to some extent. If you have certain qualities or traits associated with the opposite gender, you *have* to be a member of that gender or sexual orientation in order to feel "happy" or otherwise "comfortable" with yourself (to a liberal), or if you have those qualities and you're male, you are somehow inferior.
I myself have been told to admit I'm gay and I'll feel better about myself. I don't subscribe to that sort of stereotyping, I'm not a homosexual despite having traits associated with homosexuals, and I don't believe liberals are immune to that sort of stereotyping.

3.6.17, 1:47 AM
Some who try to label and stereotype others are actually insecure themselves. They seek to steal power from their targets by intimidation and make themselves feel better when they've abused others sense of self. It really is more about them and some sense of worthlessness, even if they don't recognize it as such.

All any of us can do is the best we can, realize we are each and everyone...each a unique individual that is like no other. We are all a mix of many ideas and actions and not simple stereotypes, I agree.