View Full Version : Opinions Needed

2.23.17, 7:07 PM
I'm thinking of letting my hair go gray. I'm tired of the root maintenance. What do you all think? I'm terrified of looking like Bea Arthur.

2.23.17, 11:42 PM
I say; go natural. But... that's just me.

2.24.17, 6:10 AM
I tried that and got tired of looking at the "old woman" in the mirror.
I'm back to coloring my hair and glad about that.

2.24.17, 9:06 AM
Ha ha! "The old woman in the mirror!" That's what I'm afraid of.

2.24.17, 11:24 AM
Take a glass of wine into the bathroom and raise a toast to that woman! She rocks.

2.24.17, 12:36 PM
You can always try it and if you absolutely hate it, you can change it back. Some women look good going gray.

2.24.17, 1:36 PM
Take a glass of wine into the bathroom

People who drink wine in the bathroom have greater issues than whether or not to go gray.

2.25.17, 11:14 PM
JMO... I finally decided at 61 to let my hair grow out because I was sick of the maintenance and $. It grew out and ended up being a blend of pure white to a dark gray. I got it cut fairly short and have fun with "punking" up the cut. Truly I get a ton of compliments on the colour too.