View Full Version : Kelly Ripa (still alive)

2.16.17, 6:45 PM

We haven't been bashed anyone in a long time. Let's talk about Kelly Ripa. I would not want her as an enemy. I watched "Live" at the gym while working out because I liked Michael Strahan. I guess once you leave her she's done with you!

2.16.17, 9:06 PM
I think Kelly Ripa is a disgusting woman who has prostituted herself all over the media.
The stories about her and Mark (is she still married to him?) having sex in all kinds of public places grossed me out.
She seems sharp, bitter and nasty.
I have no idea why people followed the Regis show when she came on board.

2.16.17, 11:43 PM
I have never cared for her.