View Full Version : Pat Robertson- If you oppose Trump, you oppose God.

2.15.17, 8:29 PM
Another reason why I haven't gone to church in a while.

http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/pat-robertson-people-who-oppose-trump-are-revolting-against-god/ (http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/pat-robertson-people-who-oppose-trump-are-revolting-against-god/)

2.19.17, 6:11 AM
If Robertson is correct (of which I don't think he is), I would think God would have been happier creating dumb animals whose sole purpose is to amuse him, not intelligent beings with free will and the potential to disobey him.

2.20.17, 1:34 AM
Pat Robertson, like many other religious (not just Christian) leaders some "rule" by fear and intimidation of what will happen to people if they don't submit to the church's, etc. doctrines. They (some) speak for their higher power as if they have been empowered with the all knowing, all seeing understanding of the mystical religious revelations specially endowed to them by that entity.

Robertson falls into that category.

2.22.17, 7:48 PM
I do believe that there is a such thing as an Imperial Religion, especially when a state (or a party like the Republicans) establishes an official religion, often because the religion now becomes a part of the state's propaganda machine.
The religion tells people how to get help (IE: Charity is good, welfare is bad), tells people to accept their lot in life, keep working in the factories or mines, keep fighting the wars, keep donating to televangelists even though you can't afford it, keep breeding even though you can't afford it, and all that feeds into the state's imperialism.