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2.15.17, 7:12 PM
They are REALLY dragging out the story line about how Jack dies.
I am assuming that will be the "end story" for Season One.
It seems like we should have had some closure on that by now though.

2.16.17, 11:09 AM
With this last episode, I was wondering if he gets drunk and has an accident on his way home. But, I also think it will be the season finale before we know.

This whole story with Randall is heart-wrenching. I love the character and I love the actor and when Kevin went to him the other night, I bawled. Kevin can be so self-focused and for him to walk out of his opening night show to go to his brother, was a completely different side of Kevin we haven't seen yet.

2.16.17, 1:11 PM
It looks like next week is going to be another tearjerker.

2.17.17, 9:47 AM
I am so glad to have Sterling K. Brown in another show I watch.
I loved him on Army Wives and it's great to have him on my television screen again.
I like everyone in this cast except for Mandy Moore.
I wish they had found a better actress to play Rebecca.

2.27.17, 4:04 PM
What did you think of last week's episode? I cried all the way through it. It was so touching when William went to pay his respects to Jack.

2.27.17, 4:16 PM
It was a week to keep Kleenex by the TV. First William, on This Is Us, then Rayna on Nashville.
I feel bad for anyone like Randall who loses their adoptive Father, then finds their biological Father and loses him too.

I'm so glad that "This Is Us" is such a hit.
I look forward to it every time it's on.

Edit: Oh for God's sake, I just got caught up on Bones and found out that they killed off Max Brennan (Ryan O'Neal's character).
What is with these TV writers?