View Full Version : Flynn resigns

2.14.17, 12:29 AM
Now the question remains...did Flynn act on his own or was he prompted by someone else for that phone call to the Russians?


2.14.17, 1:29 AM
Not too long before Flynn resigns Kellyann Conway pledges that Flynn has the "full confidence of the president". Is the admin even touching bases with each other?

http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/02/13/kellyanne_conway_flynn_has_full_confidence_of_the_ president.html

2.14.17, 2:50 AM
Usually when someone that high up on the food chain resigns, or all of a sudden decides to seek other interests, it usually means they've been fired.

Not sure about is they are touching bases with each other, even during the campaign process. Remember how Mike Pence kept saying Donald Trump didn't say something or mean something, even though he did?