View Full Version : Trump's border wall soars to over 22 billion

2.11.17, 3:31 AM
Really?? Is this the most important thing the US has to spend money on while our national infrastructure, schools, etc. need money? Do people really think that, as the new admin says, it has to be built to protect against terrorism? Does anyone really believe that Jihadist are trying to come in by swimming the Rio Grande?

Do they really believe that the refuges from Salvador who are fleeing tyranny or those from Mexico looking to work for dirt poor wages are the biggest threats?

Certainly the drug traffic is a concern, but do they not think that drug lords can't use all those big bucks to fly to Canada and come in from the north?

The wall is a joke and will be the largest misspent money ever!


2.11.17, 3:57 PM
Saving pennies to waste dollars seems to be a corporate pasttime.

2.14.17, 1:23 AM
One more thought on this. After the new numbers for the wall came out...Trump said something along the line as to no worries. That he had not been able to get in there and "negotiate" the price yet and when he did the cost would come "way down".

Ok, well the question then is....as he has vowed that Mexico would pay for it, then why would Trump care about the price? Answer is 'cause he knows American taxpayers will foot the bill for that dumb idea. Let's pray Congress comes to it's senses and will not go along with funding a white elephant of a plan.

2.14.17, 3:44 AM
Kinda like how he negotiated the price "way down" for the rest of his construction projects by using his mafia ties?