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2.7.17, 7:15 AM
There is sad news on the internet about Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie.
Apparently the child, age 8, was riding an ATV (all terrain vehicle) and swerved to avoid hitting something and went into a pond.
She was submerged for over two minutes and is in stable but critical condition.

People are being scolded in comments sections of articles about this for saying the child was too young to be riding an ATV.
I have to wonder why.
Yes, it is awful what happened to this child.
But she IS too young to be riding an ATV.
And anyone who knows anything about kids and danger knows that you do not allow kids to do dangerous things around water.
As one person said, "An 8-year-old + an ATV near water = NO!!

Do you think she was too young to be on an ATV?

2.7.17, 10:13 AM
I think everyone is too young to be on an ATV. Those things are so dangerous. My friend, Wendy, was riding one two years ago and it flipped over. She broke her back! Two years later she is still in physical therapy! People think the ATVs are stable because of the design, but they're not. They flip easily. They're a big deal in northern Michigan because of all the open spaces. I have read a number of articles where children get killed on them. So, yes, I guess I think Maddy was too young to be on it.

Just found this article about the ATV she was riding.


2.7.17, 12:27 PM
I agree with Agent. When I read that she had been injured on an ATV, my first thought was "why was she on it in the first place?" Those things are so dangerous. There is a doofus on our block that has one and he's always speeding up the street on it. He had a little boy on it with him the other day, it scares me to think of what could happen.