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2.2.17, 2:29 PM
So Phil says 6 more weeks of winter.
Here is what the experts say about Phil's "accuracy":

“If Punxsutawney Phil is right 39 percent of the time, that’s much, much worse than a climatological prediction,” Tim Roche, a meteorologist atWeather Underground told Live Science. “Even if you flip a coin, you’ll still be right close to half of the time, that’s a 50 percent accuracy rate. So you’ll be better off flipping a coin than going by the groundhog’s predictions.”

2.2.17, 2:44 PM
I think that the groundhog is just screwing with us humans. He's actually got a 61%+ accuracy, but gives us the bad news just to mess with our heads.

2.2.17, 2:51 PM
I think whenever he predicts six more weeks of winter he should be publicly executed. That will make him think twice.

2.2.17, 3:21 PM

Awww. We have a bunch of groundhogs (or whistlepigs, as we prefer ;-) ) in our backyard, and love to watch them.

The neighbors are not as fond of them as we are, but they are funny things.