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1.31.17, 12:42 PM
What TV shows are you still watching?

I just took a look at the ratings and was not surprised.
As discussed in another thread, "This Is Us" is doing very well for NBC.
Shonda's big three on ABC (Grey's Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal) are also doing well, now that they are all back from a LONG winter's nap.
As usual, night time football tops all the ratings lists.

I was surprised to see that "The Goldbergs" is doing so well.
Does anyone watch it?

1.31.17, 3:38 PM
"The Goldbergs" has been a steady hit. I've seen it once or twice (my friends son is a writer on the show) but it just didn't hold my attention. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the season premiere of "Scandal." I still watch "The Big Bang" and "Homeland." I loved "Stranger Things" on Netflix and most of the other shows I watch are on hiatus right now (Ray Donovan, Better Call Saul). I like Blackish (when it isn't too preachy) and Modern Family - although I think it's gotten a little stale the last couple of seasons.

1.31.17, 4:35 PM
I don't watch any of the sitcoms as I just can't get into them. The shows that I still watch are, "This Is Us" (My favorite), "Grey's Anatomy" and "Chicago Fire." Others that I catch when I can but usually won't take the time to catch up on OnDemand or online are, "Blue Bloods" and "Hawaii Five-0." As for reality shows, the one I really like and it's finally coming back in April is "The Amazing Race."

1.31.17, 7:21 PM
We binge almost every hour-long show that we watch, but still save up some half-hour comedy/dramady types to fill in.

Nothing with a laugh track though. That's three strikes from the first canned snort. If you have to tell us where the laughs are, we're outta here.

"Modern Family", "New Girl", and "Life In Pieces" are our current favorites. Life In Pieces is actually top of the list.
Before it got cancelled, "The Grinder" was on the list too. Always a crack up.
We've seen a little of "Blackish" and keep being surprised by it. We don't expect it to be as funny and well written as it is. It'll be on the list for next season, I'm sure.
We also watched this season of "The Good Place" because Ry insisted that we should. I'd give it an "OK". It did get better as the season progressed, but I wouldn't hassle people to watch it the way that Ry does. (Especially when they don't watch the ones that you hassle them about. Like "The Americans" or "Orphan Black" or "Black Mirror".)

1.31.17, 8:19 PM
--> my friends son is a writer on the show Wow; that's really cool! Did you know him when he was growing up? Was he, like, class clown or anything like that?

2.1.17, 10:01 AM
Yes. I remember him growing up. His father is also a very funny podiatrist. LOL!!!!

2.1.17, 12:41 PM
Yes. I remember him growing up. His father is also a very funny podiatrist. LOL!!!!

Probably good to have a sense of humor if you have to work on people's feet all day long.