View Full Version : Arrivals blocked due to immigration freeze.

1.28.17, 1:44 PM

1.30.17, 12:34 AM
Interesting that Trump defends this as not a "Muslim Ban", but his dear friend Rudy had the real scoop:


One thing we clearly know is that Trump and his cronies are not just truth stretchers, but down right liars. And why pick those seven countries to ban immigration and traveling from while the Saudis, where the majority of 9-11 attackers were from and killed nearly 3000 Americans in one day...was left off? Perhaps because Trump left off those not banned Arab states where Trump Enterprises does business? Trump is setting the world on fire and this is just the second week!

1.30.17, 2:40 AM
Let's not forget that this is the second weekend in a row where he has sparked off a multi-city mass-protest.
This could eventually be seen as a sign of weakness on his part. Especially to those who saw him as a "strict father figure".

1.31.17, 11:31 AM
This travel ban from Muslim countries is a call to arms for the actual terrorists.
https://scontent.fbed1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16388381_1245664475513761_7643020242464586467_n.jp g?oh=cd0da75b53e6303a8e2067ea5fb388ca&oe=5903E2C7