View Full Version : We have lost another icon - Mary Tyler Moore

1.25.17, 3:03 PM
Another one is gone.

1.25.17, 4:15 PM
I am so fortunate to have grown up being entertained by Mary Tyler Moore.
From Laura Petrie to Mary Richards, she made me smile and laugh.
Another one joins The Big Show.
Happy trails in The Summerlands, Mary.

1.25.17, 4:30 PM
I'm so sad about this. The Dick Van Dyke Show was/is/and always will be my absolute favorite TV show ever. I also loved The Mary-Tyler Moore Show. She was a wonderful comedic actress (even though Carl Reiner had his doubts at first) and I loved the shows where she danced. She will be missed.

1.25.17, 4:50 PM
Yes, this loss makes me very sad too. I also grew up watching both The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler-Moore Show. She gave us many years of laughter and will be missed. I once had a big "K" on my wall just like Mary's "M" on her show. :o