View Full Version : Yoo Hoo! Agent!

1.24.17, 10:31 AM
Your girl, Meryl, has been nominated for best actress again. :pinkyz:

1.24.17, 2:05 PM
I just now read the nominations. That over-rated old hag needs to retire. I like the fact that I hated her years before her political tirades. Since I don't watch awards shows anymore, I will be spared seeing her and, more importantly, listening to her. Thanks, mtj, for keeping updated on her nomination. LOL!!

1.24.17, 7:35 PM
OMG 99! You're a hoot.

1.24.17, 7:43 PM
I am sure that The Academy Awards will be full of political points of view instead of thanks for the recognition.
Some people never seem to miss an opportunity to make their politics known, whatever the platform might be.

1.25.17, 2:53 PM
I love The Academy Awards, but I probably won't be watching this year due to the political frenzy our country is in right now. I have been turned off of award shows for this very reason and often don't watch. The Academy Awards is one I normally would watch, but I think I have to take a break this year.