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1.21.17, 2:03 AM
It was a great campaign speech for those who already support him. A continuation telling about the hell hole that America is. Full of crime, carnage, no jobs, everything is bad, bad, bad America, the snake pit.

Along with insulting all the sitting presidents and Congress who were present he managed to get in one more dig at John Lewis by citing politicians who were "all talk and no action".


1.21.17, 6:43 PM
I think it's obvious that he and his supporters think of him as some sort of "strict father figure" that will step in and enforce discipline when the "children" have gone awry while under the care of more benevolent "nannies" (I'm pretty sure includes George W). We have seen the assumption of what people think of when they think of "strict father figures" (Remember what the Filipino millenials thought of Ferdinand Marcos), and that this will be some sort of "tough love" approach. But we are already seeing what these "strict father figures" are capable of doing when they have the backing of a military or police force. People being slaughtered left and right (Duterte's drug war), entire towns wiped out (Assad all but destroying Aleppo), police forces blatantly disregarding the rights of certain individuals based on the label of "criminal" or "terrorist" (US police brutality). And now we are seeing in the US the right to protest being taken away out of fear of riots.

I wonder if Mark Hamill will be reciting Trump's speech in his Joker voice like he did with some of his tweets.
Speaking of which, I hope they took his phone away.

1.21.17, 7:20 PM
ITA! Aggressive, DARK, campaign speech. Not a healing inaugural address.

And by the way; it is what it is about the smaller crowd.
https://scontent.fbed1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16143285_10154954530560859_1718428252552560466_n.j pg?oh=ba4b8d8f6e148857974b5f2c7ae8f152&oe=5906E954
2009 on the left, 2017 on the right.

1.21.17, 7:55 PM
There's conspiracy theories floating around saying that the entrances were "blocked" by protesters.
I'm sorry, but I would think that someone who never played nice with protesters during his campaign would not be very nice to protesters during his inauguration.

1.22.17, 1:50 AM
In true form Trump used his visit to the CIA to blast the media (especially CNN) for "rigging" the photos of the inaugural crowd photos of 2017 vs 2009, when both photos were taken at the same angle and the same time years apart.

Now really, is this the most serious issue Trump had to speak about while (allegedly) going to CIA headquarters to mend fences? YES, of course! He is still in reality star mode and there's nothing more important to Trump than ratings, numbers and his ego.

Sad and pathetic, but this is what we'll have to deal with now. A 70 year old man child who can't bear any ego bruising.


1.22.17, 2:52 AM
The more serious question is, will he ever get out of "reality star" mode? Also what things will Trump be able to get away with that they would skewer Obama over? Remember how they complained about Michelle Obama presenting at the Oscars or Barack Obama not wishing everyone a Happy Easter?

1.22.17, 8:16 PM
I'm also wondering if Trump's MO is to take all of the benefits of being who he has been in the past, but very few of the responsibilities. He starts up a business, but eventually loses interest and/or delegates all of his responsibilities to his subordinates, and of course never providing them the resources necessary to succeed. Therefore when they eventually fail, he'll just shut them down or declare bankruptcy.

Another thing of note, Kellyanne Conway's outfit reminds me of an old British nanny, and how Betsy Devos (as mentioned elsewhere) carries herself reminds me of a Catholic School nun. Both having the attitudes of female authority figures.

1.25.17, 2:48 AM
[QUOTE=jolau;99784]The more serious question is, will he ever get out of "reality star" mode? QUOTE]

No, don't count on it. Trump is obsessed with ratings as is indicated by his continued lies (even by staff) today about the size of the inaugural crowd AND that he ONLY lost the popular vote because of the 4-5 million illegals who he/they say voted. Which is hogwash! Most states do have some sort of voter ID and WHY would millions people who are not legal immigrants come out and risk discovery to vote illegally anyway?

But, really what can we expect from a guy who, for years, kept a conspiracy theory going about Obama's birth certificate? Trump lied about multiple things during his campaign and there's no reason to think he will not continue. This is all a part of his grand plan.

First to find a situation where he could run as a Dem or Rep...didn't matter to him. Then when found a place to suddenly reject his liberal leanings...go Rep and win the Primary by ridiculing the other candidates. Then in the general, doing the same. This is a man with no conscious and winning is all that matters.