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1.16.17, 2:29 PM
I have been watching some Mary Tyler-Moore Show reruns lately and I've seen two episodes that were duplicated on The Golden Girls. I think it's funny that they brought those storylines back - both with Betty White in them. Strange. I don't know why I'm posting this, I guess I just don't think Agent 86 would be very interested in my musings.

1.16.17, 6:03 PM
Which episodes? I watch The Golden Girls every weekend.

1.17.17, 9:59 AM
Two episodes. The one where Rose dates the really short guy (I want to say midget but I would be bludgeoned to death by the PC police). Mary had the same experience with dating a small man. And the episode where Rose and Blanche become Big Sisters to the two girls. Mary and Sue Ann did the exact same episode. I will keep looking for more! The Golden Girls episode where they hire the Italian painter who doesn't leave is also a throw-back to an old Dick Van Dyke Show episode - with the same actor playing the painter! I watch too much TV.

1.17.17, 11:48 AM
LOL! The episode with the short guy was on Sunday. And I loved that episode on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I remember when it first came on and how tickled my mom and grandma got while watching it.

1.17.17, 6:11 PM
Isn't it sad that TV comedies are no longer funny?
Back in the days of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls, I watched them all the time.
Now, I don't watch them at all.

1.17.17, 7:15 PM
I agree. I can't get into any of the comedies these days. I did watch "The Middle" for a little bit, but lost interest after a couple of seasons. I watch either "Friends" or "The Golden Girls" every night while getting ready for bed and still laugh even though I have seen the episodes over and over again.

1.17.17, 9:41 PM
I have the whole series on DVD. Haven't seen it in a while.

It seems to me that a lot of sitcoms these days are basically variations on the "Friends" theme.

1.18.17, 8:32 AM
The Big Bang Theory is the only sitcom I regularly watch. Blackish can be funny but it's been too preachy lately. Modern Family - meh - I still watch it but I don't go out of my way to see it. I have recently found Mike and Molly in reruns. It's pretty funny. For me, nothing compares to The Dick Van Dyke Show. I still laugh every time. Perfect humor.

1.18.17, 4:35 PM
"Life In Pieces" is hilarious! Can't say it loud enough: HILARIOUS!

We also watch "New Girl" -- a "Friends" style group-of-strangers-in-an-apartment comedy, but without the soap-style drama.

1.19.17, 8:29 AM
I've heard that Life In Pieces is funny. I will have to check it out.