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1.9.17, 1:45 PM
Get a load of this voice mail I got today:

Hi! Just a follow up from my previous out reach.
I'm wondering if Docusign is still on your radar.

It kind of makes me mad that we will probably end up using Docusign.
This woman is the Queen of bad business buzz phrases.
And, she is annoying as hell and will not quit contacting me even though I told her that we are still considering
whether or not to go beyond our trial membership.

1.9.17, 4:40 PM
She did an "outreach" to you. Well; that's exciting.
Ask her if she'll be your contact for after-purchase support? Can you have her number in case you need to, you know, reach out?

1.9.17, 8:05 PM
Annoying! Our "reach out" woman is driving me crazy today. She's been on vacation and has filled my inbox with emails. And yes, she has "reached out" in about 20 of them. Aye aye aye!