View Full Version : Sophia Vergara's Golden Globes Joke

1.9.17, 9:33 AM
People are getting too damn sensitive.
Sophia Vergara (while introducing Sylvester Stallone's daughters at the Golden Globes) used the words "anal" and "anus" for annual.
It was supposed to be humorous, making fun of her improper use of English (she has a Spanish accent).
The context of the "joke" was that it is an "annual tradition" to have "Miss Golden Globes".
Those are the children of celebrities that help with the awards show, handing out trophies and such.
And because people can (and frequently do) bitch and moan on social media, people are bitching and moaning that it was "improper" for that kind of joke to be made introducing young girls.
It was just a joke people, lighten up.

1.9.17, 11:41 AM
And yet they applaud all of the political speeches made. I'm beginning to hate award shows.

1.9.17, 12:46 PM
I don't watch them much anymore.
I read about the Sophia Vergara thing.

Celebrities need to keep their politics OUT of award speeches.
Say thank you and get off the stage.
An acceptance speech is not your personal platform for your political views.

1.9.17, 4:43 PM
I'm beginning to hate award shows.

Oh my... I've been there for years. I think that A is finally there too. We turned on the end of the Golden Globes last night and after one award she said that she was already bored. LOL.

1.10.17, 9:04 AM
I specifically didn't watch this year because I knew it was going to be a liberal love-fest with nothing but hollywood hissy fits. Just act. Just sing. Keep the politics out of entertainment. As for Sophia V. it wasn't offensive, it sounds like it was just dumb.

1.10.17, 4:20 PM
Sophia Vergara is like Charo revisited.
All her bits are "make the dumb, Spanish accented woman look like she has no command of the English language."

As for celebrities at awards shows, they should be there to say thank you for the recognition.
Not to prattle on about their politics.