View Full Version : The two Republican demons- Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.

1.7.17, 4:07 AM
The Republicans are hell-bent on destroying these two. I've been warning people about these anti-abortion fanatics for years, and no one listens to me. Now they are days away from running the country.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2017/01/05/planned-parenthood-would-lose-funding-as-part-of-obamacare-repeal-ryan-says/?utm_term=.5611467e34a4 (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2017/01/05/planned-parenthood-would-lose-funding-as-part-of-obamacare-repeal-ryan-says/?utm_term=.5611467e34a4)

1.10.17, 1:58 AM
We can't be surprised by this as it was destined as soon as the election was over. I do hope the Republicans will realize the harm it will do to millions of people now insured that if they don't have some viable replacement policy in place as they repeal it. At any rate, some of those who had coverage under the ACA are probably Trump voters, too.

The lies and misinformation trolls about Planned Parenthood have finally won. Too bad for the millions of low income women who will be without medical testing and services that have nothing to do with abortion.

1.12.17, 4:20 AM
What were these people thinking when the Republicans were saying they were going to repeal the ACA, they were at least satisfied with what the ACA provided when they finally started seeing its benefits, but voted for Trump?

As I keep saying, Liberals/Progressives need to pay attention what is being said in church and on religious programming. Until they understand how religion effects Conservative politics they will continue to shoot themselves in the foot trying to find the next Bernie Sanders. No more "ignoring it and they will go away" either.

1.14.17, 3:30 AM
The states that denied accepting ACA are the true factors that led to its problems, but water under the bridge now. The delusional president-elect says replacement must come at the same time as repeal and just goes to show that his yes-men, prior business experience is clueless how things work in a multi-faction, political environment works.

Of course, Trump is counting on being able to bully those who don't agree and support him, with the idea that he will be able to ridicule them publically enough (like he did with past opponents) and will be able to turn the voters against them. We'll see how long that lasts, but could sadly work for a long time.