View Full Version : Hell In A Handbasket

1.6.17, 6:10 PM
For those of you who pray, or send out positive thoughts, take a moment to do either for the state of the mental health of the people on this planet.
I am so tired of seeing news stories about crazed gunmen opening fire in public places.
These people are usually found to be mentally unstable people in dire need of mental health care.
Alas, we do not properly fund mental health care, and so those who suffer go untreated and sometimes end up doing these awful things.

We, as a global community, need to pay more attention to the mental instability of those who need treatment.
We need to encourage our legislators to amend the health care benefits to be more accommodating to people who need mental health care.
If that does not happen, we are bound to have more and more of these terrible incidents.

1.8.17, 10:42 AM
I would also add that families need to be diligent about recognizing and seeking help for family members who exhibit signs of mental illness. Too often we hear about how a person was clearly mentally unbalanced and yet nothing was done to help him/her.