View Full Version : Hoping for a Happy 2017 for everyone. Miss you, Boo

1.1.17, 1:56 AM
Happy New Year!

Best 2017 Ever!

1.1.17, 6:55 AM
Happy New Year to Mike & Annie and all the people who read and post here.
May the New Year bring you health, abundance and happiness.


1.1.17, 10:45 AM
Happy New Year, my friends! And a hug to Boo in Heaven.

1.1.17, 5:04 PM
Happy New Year to all of you. May this be a good year of health, happiness and blessings.
Miss you, Boo!

1.2.17, 4:24 PM
“We do not need to grieve for the dead.
Why should we grieve for them?
They are now in a place where there is no more shadow, darkness, loneliness, isolation, or pain.
They are home.”
~ John O'Donohue - Anam Cara: A Book Of Celtic Wisdom