View Full Version : Thinking of Boo Today

12.30.16, 12:40 PM
Today is Boo's funeral. I have been thinking about her all morning and praying that her family gets through this day. I missed hearing about her usual crazy Christmas dinners where she always ends up cooking everything. LOL!! I was hoping to go to her funeral, but I don't have my car today. Still trying to think of something we can do in her memory. All suggestions welcome!

12.30.16, 1:38 PM
She has been on my mind the last couple of days. I miss her and her sweet posts. My thoughts and prayers remain with her family.

Maybe a donation to a charity in her name?? I know she and Jenny supported Relay for Life in their city. Just a thought.

12.30.16, 6:19 PM
A donation to a charity is a nice idea.
Boo often spoke of things that were needed for her home.
Perhaps an Amazon gift card to put toward that would be a more practical gift for the family.

12.30.16, 9:32 PM
I like the idea of an Amazon gift card!! She always said she needed things at home. That would be nice. I'll look into how to get one.

12.31.16, 6:39 AM
You just go to Amazon and order a gift card in whatever denomination you want.
You can either order an actual card, which will be sent to you, then you send it to the recipient, or you can send them by email.