View Full Version : The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America.

12.23.16, 5:09 PM
Part of this goes with what George Carlin said, they want people smart enough to run the machines and fill out the paperwork, but dumb enough to accept an unfair status quo.

Why else would they reject things like a higher minimum wage, or developing new industries through innovation?
Why else would they reserve minimum wage jobs for people with minimal educational backgrounds and funnel the next generation into the mines, the factories, or what have you, assuming they will always be there, but when they're gone they try to bring back something that will never return?

http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/rural-america-understanding-isnt-problem (http://www.alternet.org/election-2016/rural-america-understanding-isnt-problem)

12.24.16, 1:11 AM
I will admit I am still stunned by the election, not so much as the loss that often happens after a two term political party run, but that this nation's electorate would choose a known liar, narcissist, braggart with no knowledge value as to the workings of govt. or the world. Today tweeting nuclear proliferation acceptance, tweeting that everything will change on Jan 20 as if he were already President and ignoring that's he's not Pres yet.

Merry Christmas, America! You've elected a spoiled child who grew up with daddy's money to build his empire and yes men, who never had a callous on his hand other than from a golf swing, who thinks he knows more than anyone else, who appoints a cabinet full of rich white men, climate changer deniers, and more yes men. Someone who made unreasonable promises to the middle class and has proven in his flip flops there's no reason to believe anything he said during his campaign.

12.25.16, 5:09 PM
Fascism came to America, wrapped in a flag, wearing a cheap toupee, carrying bibles crosses and guns.

Some day I'm going to be asked where were our guns when this happened, and I'm going to answer the gun owners sided with the fascists.
I'm going to say the gun owners didn't rise up to defend their neighbors because their neighbors were labelled criminals and terrorists.

12.29.16, 12:01 AM
I find stark contrasts between the immigrant/minority experience versus that of people whose families have been here for much of American history, especially those from rural parts of the country.
Immigrants come here from the most humble of beginnings, taking on some of the more menial jobs, and work themselves up or out with the the hope the next generation will get a good education, succeed in life, and enter some profession.
On the other hand, you have people that have been here for generations that essentially stagnate. They disregard education and walk on eggshells in the name of "living within their means" or "personal responsibility". They expect minorities to succeed, but how do these people have expectations of success for minorities when they themselves don't have those expectations?