View Full Version : Jensen Ackles (alive)

12.20.16, 3:07 PM
Remember Jenses Ackles? He was the first Eric Brady. I just read that he and wife had twins and they named them Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes. They join big sister Justice Jay. As Ricky Ricardo would say - Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi! Somebody else had a baby named Ocean King. I need to stop subscribing to People Magazine. It upsets me. Zeppelin!!!!

12.20.16, 4:03 PM
Bram as in Bram Stoker? Yep! Why do celebrities do this?

12.20.16, 5:37 PM
Bram Stoker is the only person I know with that name. More normal than Zeppelin!!!

12.21.16, 5:47 AM
This generation is raising the next generation who will be naming their kids John, Mary and Tom.