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12.19.16, 1:31 PM
The Good News Network posted an article about acts of kindness you can do for the holiday season.
My favorite is to write a letter to someone telling them how wonderful you think they are.
The gift of appreciation is a fine gift indeed.

There are other nice suggestions on the list.
I didn't know that Goodwill would provide free shipping labels for boxes of donated items.


12.19.16, 2:30 PM
I will await your appreciation letter with anticipation!

12.19.16, 9:19 PM
I will take the time to appreciate everyone here.

Thanks to Mike and Annie for giving us a place to communicate over the years.
Many discussion boards have come and gone, but this one still lives.

Thanks to Agent, Boo, Kris, JG, Coffenut and Butterfly (wherever you are) for hanging around long after everyone else left for whatever reasons.
It's nice to still have a group who shares things here.

You people have been important to me for many years.
I'm glad to still have the ability to hear about what is going on in your lives and chat with you.

Wishing you all very Happy Holidays and all the best in the year to come.

12.20.16, 12:31 AM
If Butterfly is me, MTJ, I have been on this site for years, I followed from the old boards. I so enjoy reading all the stories and issues raised here. My heart broke when I read about Boo and I am certain her family takes comfort in all of the words of prayer and support from this group. I too am Canadian, as I believe your husband was, I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I hope all here and their families have a peaceful, safe and loving Christmas. Penny (Beautifulstargazer)

12.20.16, 7:12 AM
Much appreciation for you too Penny.

I meant to type Buttercup, not Butterfly.
She is a different poster, but I'm glad you chimed in and reminded us of your presence here.

It also reminded me that many follow here, but do not post (or do not post often).
So appreciation is out there for all of you as well.

12.20.16, 8:41 AM
This is my safe space and I love it and all of my dear friends here.

12.20.16, 1:06 PM
When I heard the news about Brenda, my heart broke and I couldn't stop crying. I came to realize how much I truly love her and cherish her friendship, though we have NEVER met in person. She and I would often chat at night on Facebook. But, you ALL have become cherished friends. We have talked almost everyday for many years. We share things with each other openly and without hesitation, some things I can't do with those closest to me. It is definitely a safe place to come and I am so thankful for each and every one of you. You all have a blessed Christmas!!!