View Full Version : Dylann Roof guilty

12.15.16, 6:08 PM
At least there is some justice in this world.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dylann-roof-convicted-in-slayings-of-black-church-members_us_5852fb48e4b0b3ddfd8bc23f?section=politi cs

12.16.16, 1:30 AM
There really was no defense for this guy's actions and the only thing good that came out of it is that is he didn't have time to act on the other targets he had also selected. Roof is a classic example of how simple minds can be influenced by racist rhetoric and some how find it reasonable in his mind to commit these crimes against totally innocent people.

12.16.16, 10:27 PM
I bet you if he went to some ghetto and found some gang hideout to shoot at, it would have been brushed off as another crime in the 'hood. But then there might be someone shooting back at him.

But no, he preyed on a church bible study class. Coward.