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12.15.16, 11:18 AM
Other than Kanye and the entire Kardashian tribe, who would you put on a list called "Most Narcissistic Celebrities?"

I would add Justin Bieber, Madonna, Mariah Carey and Bryan Cranston.
Yes, Bryan Cranston. Anyone who has watched "Breaking Bad" knows about all the gratuitous underwear or half-naked scenes of Cranston thrown in.
The man seems obsessed with his naked body. He ever ran around the set naked on the last day of filming.
Also, I have watched a lot of "Breaking Bad" panel discussions and Cranston buts into almost every discussion in which the question was directed to another actor or producer/writer.

12.15.16, 11:38 AM
Miley Cyrus

12.15.16, 11:40 AM
My problem with Cranston is his loud mouth political rants.
I have to agree with Madonna, Mariah Carey and Bieber. I will add Barbra Streisand and Beyonce. She just loves herself!! Leah Michelle from Glee. Ugh! She thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. George Clooney!!

12.15.16, 2:22 PM
My problem with Cranston is his loud mouth political rants.

I wonder where Cranston will be moving now that things didn't go his way.
Unless he is one of the countless who SAID he would move out of the country if...but never really does.
I'm sure he will be happy to continue making his gabillion dollar salary working here though.

I agree about Leah Michelle. That girl just can't get over herself.

12.15.16, 5:18 PM
I think Cranston is still looking for a safe place. Every time we drive by the Canadian boarder we always ask where all the celebrities are! Ha ha.