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12.15.16, 8:22 AM
Great article...

http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/12/fentanyl_is_not_a_problem_drug_laws_are_the_proble m.html

12.15.16, 8:40 AM
I have serious doubts that the upcoming administration will do anything about this.

If what is going on in the Phillipines is any indication, it will get worse. Duterte has slaughtered thousands of his own people because of his own war on drugs and Donald Trump has said over and over he's going to be tough on crime (including drugs). People who called themselves "small government" and condemned the "evil big government" Obama administration but said very little about police brutality, the prison system, or even the intentions of Donald Trump or his party.

If you are a Libertarian and voted for Donald Trump (or a third partier like Johnson), I very little sympathy for you if you are against the war on drugs.

12.16.16, 2:56 AM
Treatment and rehab are the most effective ways to manage those arrested for abuse. The prisons are overcrowded with low to high level abusers who often not only do not get some kind of rehab in jail OR who are able to take advantage of the dealers who get drugs smuggled in.

We just passed a couple of reform bills here which deal with the very thing. Costs vary, but may be as much as half or more to utilize rehab instead of incarceration.

12.16.16, 9:42 PM
Seems to me that certain people are content with cracking down on drug addicts/dealers. <br>Duterte is willing to slaughter 3 million of them and the Filipinos love him for it. No chances of redemption, rehab, or anything, only death. Any attempt to loosen the drug laws in the Philippines will be met with much resistance, and of course willingly breaking the law here would be a death sentence.

An additional problem is, while the Philippines is pretty much mono-cultural (most everyone is Filipino and Christian), we seem to be heading towards an America that is blaming our drug problems on Blacks and Hispanics.
In both countries, labeling people as criminals or terrorists means the iron fist of "big government" crashes on you and no one bats an eye.
One would think the offer of "small government" libertarianism would appeal to those races that are labelled as such because they won't be treated as criminals as much, hasn't appealed to these people in large numbers.
It also seems to me that such libertarianism is a luxury for White Americans.&nbsp;