View Full Version : Putin and Trump are stealing America.

12.14.16, 8:26 PM
Found on social media:
In case you haven't connected the dots, Trump fans: Putin owns the largest oil company in Russia. That company made a $500 Billion deal with Exxon Mobil -- the deal personally overseen by the CEO of Exxon Mobil (it was $500 billion, after all) and Putin.

President Obama's administration put sanctions in place because of Russia's invasion of Crimea and Syria, and the deal was stopped by the sanctions.

Russia then hacked into US computer systems in our government and in our political parties and US corporations.

When James Comey and the FBI told Congress about the hacking last September, with Mitch McConnell in attendance, McConnell refused to tell the US public about the hacks, saying that he would frame such an announcement as "playing partisan politics" during the election.

Comey released the (in)famous letter with no information in it. We know how that worked out. Trump triumphs.

Trump chooses Mitch McConnell's wife, Elaine Choa, to be in his cabinet, and the CEO of Exxon is now designated as Secretary of State.

And... Trump dismisses the CIA's findings of hacking by the Russians as bad intel.

Where is the Fox-stream Media on this??

12.15.16, 2:10 AM
Trump is giving away cabinet positions like Oprah gives away cars.
If anyone accuses the media of being "liberal" just remember how they followed around Trump like tabloid paparazzi.

And I've said this before and I'll say it again. We can't ignore groups like this, no matter how small, in hopes they will go away. I warned people here over and over about such groups and like-minded individuals and they rebuked me saying no one pays attention to them. The same people, I should remind you, are the same ones that don't want political things on The Pier.
Movements like the Tea Party and the KKK grew to the point where someone with their endorsement is on his way to the White House. I don't know how people like that can live with themselves knowing they ignored something that got worse to the point that they could win the presidency.

But hey, let's worry about Black Lives Matter or the Black Panthers.

12.15.16, 9:58 PM
It also seems to me that this is turning into the era of the dictator. We had protest movements like OCCUPY, BLM, the Arab Spring, the protests going on in Greece, Brazil, and elsewhere, but now the dictators and despots are cracking down. Putin, Trump, Duterte, Assad, and who knows what else will come of the upcoming elections in Europe.

I bet we all thought that Western (and then some) society moved away from such people, but obviously it didn't.

12.16.16, 2:43 AM
All very disturbing! Trump appointing all his cronies and/or majority of supporters (still don't get why he selected Perry for the Dep. of Energy spot), plus trying to figure out govt. internal positions for his kids and how to keep his finger on the Trump business. Just the whole idea of this appears to be a new family based governmental influence along with the family business.

Along with the odd kinship Trump seems to have with Putin and all the rest. I dunno, but smacks of some real trouble ahead for the country.