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12.13.16, 8:13 PM
He's "smart".

http://www.aol.com/article/news/2016/12/11/trump-im-a-smart-person-dont-need-intelligence-briefings-e/21625229/ (http://www.aol.com/article/news/2016/12/11/trump-im-a-smart-person-dont-need-intelligence-briefings-e/21625229/)

12.14.16, 3:30 AM
Deferring the daily intel briefings to one's elect-running mate is interesting, to say the least. Trump must be already bored with the idea of being head of state and those pesky info sessions. I'm not surprised though that someone who's as smart as Trump is, who is the most intelligent, brilliant and talented person on the earth can't be bothered with taking a daily briefing on world updates really needs them anyway. We are such a lucky nation to have such an astute, miracle lead this nation into the next few years.

Great appointments with those who already have subjective personal relationships with like Russia, appointments for some like Perry appointed to the very energy agency Perry said he would abolish during his primary, Scott Pruitt to EPA which he's already suing as AG in OK.

Just brilliant. The foxes are in the hen houses, so get ready for some fun times ahead.

12.14.16, 3:34 AM
How Tillerson put Exxon first before US:


12.14.16, 3:37 AM
"They're all the same"
Said no Trump supporter.

I would think that Hillary would appoint people who actually care about the departments they are appointed to.
Meanwhile people think it's all like pro-wrestling. People that think that on the outside, they're political opponents, but they're best buddies when they aren't in the public eye. They play golf with each other, go out for coffee, invite each other to weddings and such, etc.
Kinda like the Wil-e-Coyote cartoons with Sam Sheep Dog. They beat each other up on the clock, but off the clock, they're taking their lunches together, they walk each other home, etc.