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12.13.16, 7:41 PM
"Franklin Graham is so much of what's wrong with this country: not just the predictable evangelical "you're going to hell if you don't believe what I believe" part." That's banal and minor league...what really is fascinating about his comments here is the part where he says people "want to do the jobs their fathers and grandfathers" did, and thus, don't want to be computer programmers but want to work in factories or whatever...Think this through with me please:
1. Who is he talking about? Do you think BLACK people want, by and large to do the jobs their grandparents did? Hell, do you think those black grandparents want their grandchildren to do what they did? Hell no...so..
2. This is some white male shit right here...only white people (and especially the men folk) romanticized the labor of their ancestors. People of color sure as shit know better...they generally value progress and education and having their grandchildren do something totally different and more rewarding than what they did, not because they are ashamed of the work they had to do -- because there is nobility in all work -- but because progress is the name of the game...but white coal miners and lumberjacks and whatnot apparently think backbreaking labor is the highest form of humanity...which brings me to
3. How is this not a form of cultural/racial pathology? Notice, white folks are quick to say that people of color are pathological and don't value education and don't seek to better themselves, but here's this prototypical white southern Christian man basically saying that factory work or whatever should be an intergenerational goal of all "real Americans." What the hell? If black folks were this dismissive of moving up and bettering their station they would be pilloried for it...but whites having minimal aspirations is just fine...
4. I bet not hear one more person tell me how black and brown folks need to take "personal responsibility" for themselves, so long as the white version of that is aspiring to do what your great-granddaddy did, even as the economy and world has changed and left some of that work, for good or bad, in the dustbin of anachronism...
And yet, sadly:
5. I will indeed hear that shit before sundown today, I'm quite certain...because whiteness..."
-Tim Wise

PS: I don't see Franklin Graham telling people to become farm laborers or cleaning houses. Those kinds of jobs are not "manly". The kind of jobs he wants people to take are considered "manly".

http://www.rawstory.com/2016/12/franklin-graham-pray-for-trump-to-succeed-because-theres-no-pride-in-computer-programming/#.WFBBHxz0UXw.facebook (http://www.rawstory.com/2016/12/franklin-graham-pray-for-trump-to-succeed-because-theres-no-pride-in-computer-programming/#.WFBBHxz0UXw.facebook)

12.14.16, 3:57 AM
Not a fan of Franklin here and I feel sad for his dad's legacy that Franklin has promoted more divisive rhetoric than his dad did.

12.14.16, 4:27 AM
I can never understand how people can intentionally retard themselves (or their children for that matter) in this manner. Making themselves accept their lot in life, and then doom their children to the same lifestyle. I've heard stories of people saying you don't need to go to college or anything like that, the coal mines will always be there. Or Longshoremen keeping hiring off the street to a minimum because they're trying to get a younger relative (usually a son or nephew) in.
To me this is wrong. They're taking their childrens' choices away.

I'd say on paper, poor white people would make excellent slaves. Loyal, hard working, no desire for advancement. Keep them drunk enough, breeding, and attending churches that tell them not to rock the boat or face eternal damnation every Sunday and you can keep them enslaved forever.

12.29.16, 8:21 PM
He's getting as bad as the Westboros. Pay attention folks, people like this will be running the country for at least the next four years.

http://www.joemygod.com/2016/12/28/franklin-graham-carrie-fisher-george-michael-burning-hell-didnt-accept-jesus/ (http://www.joemygod.com/2016/12/28/franklin-graham-carrie-fisher-george-michael-burning-hell-didnt-accept-jesus/)