View Full Version : 2016 Words And Phrases That Need To Go

12.7.16, 2:42 PM
The lists have already started. Here is a sampling of what is on some of them:

Sorry, Not Sorry
Just Sayin’
On Fleek
Bye Felicia
Cray Cray
Feels All The Feels
It Is What It Is
Anything followed with “and chill” (Netflix and chill, McDonald’s and chill)
Anything emphasized by “so” (I am so over him)
Break the internet
Blow up my phone
Walk It Back

I hate totes, obvi, def, cray or any dumb abbreviation of a word.
Nowhere did I see "moobs" (short for man boobs) which is equally dumb.

And where oh where is REACH OUT?
Someone really fell short not adding that one to the QUIT SAYING IT lists.

12.7.16, 3:38 PM
What on earth is manspreading? Do I really want to know? hehe! My boss uses "break the internet" all the time. I have broken the internet a couple of times. Since I do so many edits to our web page, a few times I have been told that I broke it.

12.7.16, 5:52 PM
"Manspreading" is that thing we guys do when we sit down and spread our knees apart. It is an issue on public transportation and airplane seats, when we take up more space than our rearends require. Yet another way for men to make obnoxious jerks of ourselves.

12.7.16, 6:07 PM
Manspreading is awful!! At the movies, on a plane, at a concert, on the subway, etc., Such entitlement.

12.7.16, 6:07 PM
Some of these words are old. A lot of them I have never heard.

12.8.16, 3:23 AM
"At the end of the day" is pretty worn out.

12.8.16, 6:57 AM
"At the end of the day" is pretty worn out.

And yet one of my bosses continues to use it.
Over and over again.
While the other one "reaches out" in almost every email, then fills them with exclamation points!!!

12.9.16, 9:52 AM
I still hear, He/she blew up my phone and one that I hate,
You/he/she blew up that bathroom.

12.11.16, 11:33 AM
I just thought of another word. Why are people using Adult as a verb? I hate it. "I don't want to adult today." "I've been adluting all week." Ugh. It's stupid.