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12.7.16, 12:42 PM
Hi, All! May I ask you all to keep prayers and good thoughts for my cousin, Derek? Derek is more like my little brother than my cousin as we have always been so close. Anyway, his biological dad (Derek was raised by his stepfather) committed suicide yesterday morning. About three years ago, Derek contacted his father and they met for the first time. They have been in touch, not often, but enough that a relationship was beginning to form. His dad was a severe diabetic and was losing his eyesight, going through marital troubles and had other issues, but it was still a shock to his family. Thank you all so much!

12.7.16, 12:52 PM
Prayers out.
What a sad story.

12.7.16, 2:09 PM
So sorry to hear this. Prayers sent.

12.8.16, 10:10 AM
Wow Kris, that's so horrible. I will keep your family in my prayers.

12.9.16, 9:44 AM
Praying for Derek and his family.

12.15.16, 12:06 PM
Kris, how is Derek doing?

12.15.16, 12:33 PM
Kris, how is Derek doing?

Thanks for asking, mtj. Derek is taking this pretty hard. He too, is shocked at how hard this has hit him being that he's only been in touch with his father in recent years. The funeral is this coming Tuesday (Dec 20) and Derek is coming with his two kids. Thankfully, the family (his half sisters) have contacted him and want him to come. The two girls have accepted Derek, but the son isn't very warm towards him. So, you all can keep that in prayer for Tuesday. I just don't want an emotional day to turn into something ugly being said to Derek to make things worse.

12.15.16, 12:43 PM
One of my good friends never had a relationship with this biological father. He never knew him. When his father passed, my friend stood at the back of the temple during the service and saw his half brother and sister for the first time. It was sad. I'm sorry that Derek has the additional grief of a suicide.