View Full Version : Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline denied.

12.5.16, 12:26 AM

12.5.16, 3:22 AM
I could be wrong, but I feel that part of this resolution was because of the many US Veteran's who have been showing up to support the Sioux nation the last few days. Turning on water hoses, pepper spray, etc., to the general supporters would look so much worse if they were doing that to the vets.

I'm happy for the Sioux nation and all it's supporters this happened before Trump took office. I had heard (if true) he has some investments in the pipeline and did support it, so possibly could be a different outcome. The American Indian population has been screwed over enough!

12.5.16, 4:15 AM
I think some of these tribes should representation in Congress. Giving them a congressional district (Each tribal reservation gets one) will allow them someone in the House or the appropriate state legislatures and the district cannot be gerrymandered away.

12.6.16, 2:23 AM
That would make sense and I totally agree, but I think the issue is who actually owns the land and how they could be legally represented. Even though tribes have legal rights to live on the land, to govern their own internal affairs, build casinos, have their own police, etc., the land title to reservations I think belongs to the Federal govt. That's how the govt. was able to renege on Lakota treaties in the 1800's and allow gold miners into the Black Hills. As far as the Dakota Pipeline the govt. could still approve the pipeline at some point without sanction of the tribe occupying the land and who have legitimate concerns about running a pipeline under the water resources.

As far as Native American rights...the US govt. giveth and sometimes taketh away.