View Full Version : Black Santa?

12.4.16, 11:23 PM
Back in grade school, Santa was Chinese and Female.


12.5.16, 2:14 AM
Santa was always portrayed as a white character to me growing up, as were the images of a white, light brown haired, blue or hazel eyed Jesus ....which Jesus, given the area of his birth, would not have made ethnic sense.

St. Nicholas never proclaimed he was to be the saint of having children ask for gifts, nor did he live at the North Pole living with a bunch of heathen elves (no offense meant to any elves living or deceased!). Santa is a mythological entity created for the imagination of children, so if what ever color, age, race or gender Santa might be...then what's the harm. Those feeling slighted that a store employed Santa doesn't meet their criteria...then Bah Hum Bug to them.

12.5.16, 3:18 AM
St. Nicholas is also from Turkey, so he should be at least Turkish/Greek.