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12.3.16, 1:25 PM

These celebrities live in such a bubble of unreality that they can't even figure out when someone is mentally ill. I have been saying for years that Kanye West is mentally ill. His rants, his unpredictable behavior, his temper tantrums, his anger outbursts. And now, everyone is "stunned" that he's had to be put in a mental hospital? He should have been treated years ago! I feel sorry for the two innocent children that have been brought into this circus of freaks and nuts. I wish they would all disappear.

12.4.16, 1:26 AM
Hollywood is FULL of narcissists. It is the nature of the game. Making a living by drawing attention to one's self.
I find it sad that it's taken this long for people to realize that the man has mental problems, but it's probably hard for the rest of them to admit
that the kind of behavior that they also exhibit is not normal.