View Full Version : My sister's last concert before retirement as a middle school music teacher!

11.30.16, 7:07 PM
My sister Ann Page is a wonderful teacher. She just retired this year and this is the video of her last concert. Figured that the Pier would be an OK place to share it.

She comes on at about 14 minutes or so, if you want to skip.


They play a Gaga song at about 1:03. Very cool. (

12.1.16, 10:25 AM
Excellent!! I love her enthusiasm for her kids. Music is such an important part of education. "Born This Way" was great. I just saw The Detroit Symphony Orchestra do The Music of Journey over the weekend. It's so much fun. The DSO does they "rock" concerts throughout the year. New Year's Eve is The Music of Prince. The audience loves it.

I hope your sister enjoys her retirement. I'm sure her kids will miss her.

12.1.16, 11:28 AM
She seems like she would be a fun teacher to have. Congratulations on her retirement. And thanks for sharing the video with us.