View Full Version : Cool Movies This May

12.11.07, 10:50 AM
Two that I am really looking forward to.
"Prince Caspian" the second in the Narnia series.
And "Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull."
The good news about the Indiana Jones flick is that Marian Ravenwood (Karen Allen) is back.

12.11.07, 3:35 PM
Wow, I knew there had been talk about a new Indiana Jones movie but didn't realize it had been made. This may require an actual trip to the real movie theater. Big screen, big sound... and Karen Allen, has she done anything since the first?

I still haven't seen the first Narnia pic, need to add it to the Netflix list.

12.11.07, 3:39 PM
You will not be disappointed in the first Narnia flick.
I definitely want to see both movies I mentioned on the big screen. I'll start saving now, as expensive as it is to go to the movies. The only other thing I've seen Karen Allen in is "Scrooged". Well, not really. She was in "Animal House" too, but that was before Indiana Jones. I'm sure she's done a bunch of other things, I just haven't seen them.

12.11.07, 5:00 PM
Wow, she's hardly aged at all. And if it's surgery, it was done by a master.