View Full Version : Flag burners should lose citizenship?

11.30.16, 2:49 AM
Not someone who would do this and I do fly the flag outside my home every day, but the very idea of stripping a native born American of citizenship for a symbol of protest is so disturbing to know a president-elect is saying this. What's next? More limitations of freedom of speech?


11.30.16, 1:47 PM
I say burn Nazi and Confederate flags, since they seem to be the source of the problem.

But yeah, it does seem to be an abuse of power by the upcoming administration that hasn't been confirmed by he Electoral College let alone sworn in yet. All this reeks of an upcoming fascism, but no one on the right or middle seems to care. Especially from people who complained about the Obamas appearing on TV or not attending the funerals of the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Antonin Scalia, or Nancy Reagan.