View Full Version : Romney...the newest sellout?

11.30.16, 2:40 AM
We'll see.


11.30.16, 1:41 PM
They're all sucking up to the new boss.

12.5.16, 2:25 AM
And what's with all those generals Trump is appointing to his cabinet? Didn't he say during his campaign he knew more than the generals? Odd.

12.5.16, 4:52 PM
And what happened to making sure some of these positions are filled by civilians and you had to not be in the military for a certain amount of time before being eligible for such a position?

Seems to me Trump is more than willing to disregard the law.

12.6.16, 1:31 AM
Not helping that Trump is also appointing some "swamp" members from Wall Street who he chided Clinton for. The new swamp is growing.


12.6.16, 2:59 AM
I seriously doubt Hillary Clinton would be doing something like this. I wonder if the Jill Stein voters and Bernie holdouts are happy with themselves.

Are we going to learn this lesson the hard way every 16 years?

12.8.16, 2:34 AM
I told a friend who said she couldn't vote for Clinton or Trump and would vote for Johnson (who she felt she was making a statement! vote) and I said that a vote for third party candidate was a vote that would benefit Trump and thus, the tale proved true.