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12.11.07, 12:12 AM
The waves crashed against the shore, as Luis looked out at the water making sure everything was safe. Taking this lifeguard job in Bermuda was just what he needed, a chance to get away from Harmony, even if it was for a little while. Of Course, Hank followed him down. He wasn’t going to miss a chance to spend the summer on the beach, hot babes all around him.
Luis laughed at the sight before him. Hank was trying his best to get a date with a blond beach bimbo. The swimming suit had hardly any covering. Her breasts practically spilled out. No wonder Hank chose her to go for. A summer fling.
Luis went back to looking out at the ocean. His mind wandered as he thought of the dream he had last night. Meeting his soul mate here in Bermuda. Luis chased the thoughts out of his head. ‘Right. My soul mate is not here.’ Luis thought bitterly.
“Yo, Hank. Get back over here and do your job.” Luis yelled at Hank after the blond bimbo he was with slapped him across the face and stormed away. Hank climbed up the ladder and sat in his chair.
“Luis, After 20 years of your life, don’t you want to find a girlfriend. Come on Lindsay was not for you. You had NOTHING in common. I bet you never even slept with her.” Hank smirked knowingly. “You know that I said I was going to wait to make love with someone until I know they are right for me.” “Luis, I am taking about a fling. Enjoy this summer. Isn’t that why we took this job?”
“Maybe for you, but I am here for making some money and enjoying being on the beach. I am not interested in a fling.” Luis looked back at the ocean…until something…or someone caught his eye. He stared at a gorgeous blond haired woman walking toward the beach with a dark haired woman. The blond took his breath away with the beauty that radiated from her. She wore a blue bikini with jeans covering her bottom. The sway of her hips had him staring. His mouth went dry.
Hank looked over at his friend and chuckled. “No fling huh?” Luis turned his attention back to Hank with an angry look on his face. “I can look at them. I just don’t plan on getting involved with any women while I am here. Plus she looks too young for me.”
Hank’s mouth hung open. “Luis, we are only 20. She looks to be about 18, maybe 19. That is NOT too young for you.” “Hank will you just shut up and lets do our job.” Luis turned his attention back to the blond, who was slowly taking her shorts down her perfectly tanned legs.
Luis’ eyes glazed over at the image before him. Hank had enough of watching his friend eye women, but never have fun with them. Ever since Lindsay, his high school girlfriend who cheated on him with a jock from the high society school., he had been afraid of all girls and that happened three years ago.
Hank climbed down from his chair and started walking towards the two girls that had caught both of their eyes. He could hear Luis yelling at him to get back to doing his job. Hank walked over to the girls.
Gwen noticed that someone was blocking the sun. Hank eyed the woman, as she lay there in her light purple bikini that let her “goodies” be noticed. Gwen opened her eyes and looked up at a brown eyed, brown haired man looking over her.
She quickly sat up. “Can I help you?” She asked politely. Sheridan opened her eyes and noticed the man in front of her. ‘Not bad looking, but not my type.’ Sheridan thought. She wanted the man from her dreams…dark haired, nice body, caring…what more could a girl ask for.
“My name is Hank.” He extended his hand for a friendly shake. “I am Gwen and this is Sheridan.” “Nice meeting you. Listen I have a question to ask you,” trying to remember her name, “Sheridan?” “ Sheridan looked at him funny. Her eyes held confusion. Gwen felt a wave of jealousy. All the men seemed to be attracted to Sheridan.
“What would you like?” Sheridan asked nicely, hoping he soon would leave and she could enjoy tanning again. “My friend up there noticed you, but he is a bit shy.” Sheridan looked over in the direction Hank was pointing. A dark haired man with those chisled chest. Eye candy for Sheridan. The man that almost fit her dreams…now to find out if he is sweet and caring.
Sheridan got up from her spot, brushing off the sand on her legs. “I will be right back Gwen.” Sheridan began walking toward the man who seemed to be perfect. The sweat from the sun outlined his chest even more. Heat pooled in her stomach and butterflies were forming. ‘It is just a guy. Why am I nervous?’ Sheridan wondered.
She looked back at Gwen and noticed she was getting chummy with….Hank. She then turned around and stared walking toward the lifeguard chair.
“Do you think they will hit it off?” Gwen asked, concerned for her best friend. “Luis needs to get out more and you said Sheridan needed the same.” “Well, yes, but I don’t want any heart break for her.”
“I have a good idea to keep your mind off of worrying. Lets go to the ice cream stand and get some.” Hank wiggled his eyebrows and made Gwen laugh. ‘This is going to be a great summer.’ Both thought as they walked hand in hand toward the ice cream stand. As they walked by they saw Sheridan hesitating to go any farther.
Gwen yelled, “Go for it!” Sheridan turned and saw Gwen walk up the path with Hank.
Sheridan stood a couple feet away from him. “Umm, excuse me.” Luis looked down and saw the blond haired woman he was staring at earlier. She was tanned all over her body, and the sun glasses kept him from seeing her eyes.
“What can I do for you?” Sheridan stood there nervous, not sure how to proceed. “Well, your friend Hank said…” Luis groaned. “Don’t listen to him. He talks nonsense.” Sheridan could see that he was trying his best to avoid her. Sheridan removed her sun glasses and Luis found himself staring into her blue eyes, the color of the ocean around them.
Luis slowly got down from his stand and stood directly in front of her. She could now see his beautiful brown eyes. It had a sparkle when looking at her. “Sorry about snapping at you. My friend Hank is sometimes trouble.” “Don’t worry about it. It was nice meeting you….?” “Luis” He held out his hand. When they touched hands, it felt like shocks were going through them. Breathless, Sheridan whispered, “Sheridan.” She let go of his hand. “See you around.” Sheridan turned around to leave when a hand on her arm grabbed her. “Don’t go. I am on break now. Why don’t we get something to eat?” Sheridan smiled, her face glowing. “OK.” They walked closely together all the way to the diner.
“Did it work?” Gwen asked Hank from behind the tree they were hiding behind to spy on their friends. “It worked.” Both grinned. This was going to be a great summer for fun…and maybe a little love.

12.11.07, 12:13 AM
Chapter One
“Thanks for lunch, Luis. It was so sweet of you.” Luis blushed at Sheridan’s comment. He had never been this comfortable around other girls, not even with his ex. Sure Lindsay was nice to hang around, but in the end, he snobbery started showing just because her family became rich with their new restaurant.
Luis had vowed never to date anyone with wealth again. No matter how attracted he was to them. Looking into Sheridan’s baby blue eyes, he became absorbed in them. Sheridan was staring at him, looking into his dark brown eyes.
Luis blinked his eyes and the trance was lost. The silence was killing Sheridan, but she didn’t know what to say. Luckily Luis broke the silence. “I better get back to my station. My break is almost up and I need to find my buddy Hank.” Sheridan nodded as Luis stood up from the booth and held out his hand for Sheridan.
She gracefully accepted his hand and stood up also. Their bodies closely touching and they both felt the electricity around them. Luis dropped his hand and stepped back. Giving them space between them. Luis walked over to the door and opened it, letting Sheridan walk passed him.
The hot, sticky air around them didn’t help either of them. They both were already hot from just looking at the other. Sheridan never felt like this before. She never had a guy look at her like Luis was looking at her.
Every guy would run once they found out she was Sheridan Crane, the American Princess, knowing that if any one touched her, Daddy would make them pay. For eighteen years, she had to live with her father telling what to wear, how to act, and who not to date. He never let her go on dates, not even with stuffy men from the country club. That is why she had asked her father to let her and Gwen go to Bermuda. So she could have some independence and meet a guy that would help her gain knowledge with men. She was tired of being the only virgin she knew. She met the guy she hoped would help her, and that man was Luis.
One look at Luis and she was feeling all these things she never felt. Her body became clammy. She blushed everytime he glanced her way. What was wrong with her?
“What are they doing Hank?” Gwen asked, peeking around the corner of the little diner Luis and Sheridan had just exited. A groan from Hank went through the air. “He is saying good bye and Sheridan is just staring at him like she is confused.” Gwen was afraid of that. “Damn, I knew she couldn’t do it.”
Hank grabbed Gwen’s hand and they strolled out from behind the corner. “I have a plan. Follow my lead.” Hank whispered before standing in front of Luis and Sheridan.
Sheridan looked over at Gwen and Hank holding hands and smiled. At least her friend found someone for the summer. She looked back over at Luis. ‘What is wrong with me? Nobody wants me.’ Tears threatened to slide down her cheeks, but she controlled her emotions.
“Hi Gwen.” Sheridan said after getting her emotions back in check. Luis looked at Hank and smirked. ‘So much for doing his job.’ Hank was already lost to the brown haired beauty. “Luis, I invited Gwen to the carnival. I was hoping you and Sheridan could join us.” Luis looked hesitant.
Being alone with Sheridan did bad things to his hormones. He had made his decision to stay away from women and if he went then their went that decision. He looked over at Sheridan and she looked almost excited about going. “I have never been to a carnival.” Sheridan said so excitedly.
Luis looked over at her. “You serious?” Luis couldn’t believe that a person could never have been to a carnival. “Yeah.” Sheridan said almost embarrassed. Luis looked at her again and he listened to his heart for a change and said, “I guess we are going to the carnival AFTER work.”
Luis grabbed Hank and pulled him back to his duty as a lifeguard. Hank looked back at Gwen and winked at her. Gwen knew what that wink meant. Sheridan and Luis were being set up.
Sheridan looked over at her friend. “I guess you and Hank hit it off.” Gwen laughed. “At least we know what we want unlike you and Luis.” “What do you mean?” Sheridan’s hands crossed in front of her and her right food forward. The stance that meant ‘I am mad.’
“You and Luis won’t admit you are attracted to each other.” Gwen pointed out. “Gwen, you know I have never had a man. I don’t know what to do.” Sheridan placed her head in her hands, ashamed at her life. Damn her father.
“Sheridan, all you have to be is your fun loving self. How could a man resist?” “Luis can and will.” Gwen sighed. This was going to be one hell of a challenge for Hank and Gwen to get Luis and Sheridan to hook up together, not just because they wanted their friends to be happy, but so Gwen and Hank can have some alone time.
‘This summer is going to be fun.’ Gwen thought. Sheridan and Gwen walked back over to their spots and began sun tanning again as Hank and Luis watched their every move. Hank looked over at his friend and chuckled to himself. Luis had it bad and Hank was going to make sure both he and his friend got what they wanted.
Chapter Two
“Hank, do you even know which condo they are staying at?” Luis was getting tired of walking along the beach toward the very expensive condos. “Wait a minute Hank. Only the RICH own those.” Hank groaned. Of course, he had to bring that up. “Luis, Just because Lindsay turned out to be a bitch, it doesn't mean that ALL of them are snobs.
Hank walked over to the one Gwen had said was Sheridan’s family’s condo. “Come on Luis. Just for once have some fun. I would like to get to know Gwen a little better.” Hank wiggled his eyebrows. Luis knew exactly what Hank wanted. “Come on Buddy.” Hank wined.
Luis looked hesitant at looked up at the condo. He sighed knowing that he had to go otherwise Hank would pester him all summer long. “Fine. Ring the doorbell will you.” Luis spat.
“I’ll get it.” A voice in the house screamed. It was Gwen who opened the door. A smile lit her face. Oh yeah, she had it bad for Hank. She was dressed in a blue shirt with cutoff shorts. “Will this fit in with everyone else? I don’t want to feel out of place.” “ Hank smiled, “It looks great.” Hank leaned in and gave Gwen a little kiss on the cheek.
Sheridan walked down the stairs which her in directly even with the door. Luis’ mouth went dry. Sheridan walked down the stairs gracefully in a pink tank top with blue jean shorts. She smiled shyly at Luis. “Hi Luis.” Sheridan whispered softly. “Hi.” “Lets go.” Hank said as he grabbed Gwen’s hand and started walking toward the beach where they first met, leaving Luis and Sheridan behind.
“Gwen and I are going on the Ferris wheel. See you guys later.” “Hank.” Luis yelled, but it was too late. Hank and Gwen were already getting on the ride. “You don’t have to be with me tonight Luis. I am sure I can find something to do.” Sheridan whispered with disappointment in her eyes.
“No. Since you have never been to a carnival, you are going to need someone to show you around.” He grabbed her hand and started walking off, the electricity flowing thorough them again. But this time neither moved their hands.
Gwen and Hank looked over the edge of the car of the Ferris wheel. “YES!” both said and they settled back in their seats. Hank put his arm around Gwen. “This is nice.” Gwen sighed, snuggling even more into Hank.
“Well, this is just the beginning of summer.” He grinned and Gwen looked up. She saw the mischievous side to Hank. She smiled at him and said, “We have ALL summer.”
Hank started to descend his lips toward Gwen’s. She tilted her head up even more. Their lips touched and Hank groaned against her lips. The simple kiss turned into more. He ran his tongue along her lips wanting to deepen the kiss. She happily obliged and Hank tasted the sweetness of her mouth.
The ride started to stop knowing the cars were unloading. “We better finish this later.” Hank winked and Gwen blushed a deep red. Oh, it was definitely going to be a fun night for them.
“Ohh, that looks fun.” Sheridan said with delight as she looked over at the bumper cars. “You want to go on the bumper cars?” Luis was astonished. A rich girl on bumper cars. This he had to see and be there for. Luis led Sheridan to the line.
“What you do is steer the car and bump into people.” “That should be easy.” Sheridan said determined. Luis ran for a blue car, while Sheridan chose a red one. Luis was on direct path to crash into Sheridan.
Once the cars started going, Luis took off towards Sheridan, who was busy trying to steer the car, but ended up going in circles. He bumped into her car and a giggle floated in the air. He actually loved that giggle, so feminine. Sheridan looked and saw it was Luis.
She looked very determined to get Luis back. All of a sudden, she took off, made a big circle, and bumped into Luis. Pure shock showed on his face. They chased each other around, bumping into each other and laughing. Luis thought nothing about how rich Sheridan was, but how much fun she was.
Once the ride was over, both Luis and Sheridan were laughing as they were walking away, Luis wrapping his arms subconsciously around Sheridan. Sheridan snuggled into Luis’ embrace.
“Well look at that.” Hank said eying Sheridan and Luis. “What?” Gwen said breathlessly. “Luis is actually embracing Sheridan. It looks like they are having a good time. Luis is taking her on the Ferris wheel.” Gwen grinned. “Aww. The Ferris wheel. One of the great moments.”
Hank looked seductively at Gwen. “Lets get out of hear.” His eyebrows wiggling. Gwen laughed a breathy little laugh. “Well, I should tell Sheridan that I am leaving. Luis will give her a ride home, won’t he?” Gwen asked concerned for her best friend. Gwen got up from the grass Hank and she had been occupying while the finished off what they had started on the Ferris wheel.
“Well, since they are on it, lets go wait for them. And we can see their expressions as they come down.” Gwen had a smile on her face. Sheridan was definitely having some feelings toward Luis; otherwise, she wouldn’t have embraced Luis as she did. But then again, Sheridan did say she wanted a fling this summer. Hank and Gwen walked hand in hand to the Ferris wheel.
Sheridan slowly stepped into the car and sat down. Luis entered and the car started slowly rocking. Sheridan let out a scared shriek. “Are you scared of the Ferris wheel?” Luis said trying to keep the grin off his face. “I have never been in one, but we are going high and I don’t want it to rock.” Sheridan had the cutest pout on her face.
Luis wanted to kiss that pout of her lips. Whoa, he wasn’t having that thought, was he? What has been happening to him? Luis sat next to Sheridan and wrapped his right arm around her. She gripped his waist and held on.
The car began to go up and Sheridan’s grip got stronger. Luis laughed. “Sheridan, nothing is going to happen to you.” Sheridan looked up at Luis and stared into his brown eyes, Luis staring into her deep blue eyes lit with a sparkle. Luis slowly dipped down to kiss her and Sheridan lifted up. Their lips touched and Luis and Sheridan pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes, trying to determine what had happened between them. Luis smiled and dipped again.
Only this time, he was interrupted by his best buddy’s yelling. “Way to go buddy. I knew you could do it.” Luis pulled away and made as much distance between them. The ride came to a stop and Luis stepped out of the car. Sheridan walked out stunned. What had just happened? First Luis was going to kiss her and then all of a sudden he pulled back.
“Hank!” Gwen spat as he yelled at his friend. She had seen what had happened and didn’t like Hank’s behavior all of a sudden. “What?” Hank asked. “Why can’t you just let Sheridan and Luis be happy? Why do you have to interfere?” Hank stood there stunned as Gwen gave him a tongue-lashing.
Luis walked toward his buddy and Gwen. He could hear Gwen yelling at him. Heck, he wanted to yell at Hank too, but then he had only done him a favor since he wasn’t going to be getting involved with anyone.
Gwen saw Luis coming and stopped, Sheridan right behind Luis. “Hey guys.” Gwen said, trying to be cheerful. “Sheridan can I talk to you?” Gwen quickly took Sheridan’s hand and walked away from the guys.
Hank looked on at his buddy. “Sorry I interrupted the moment.” Hank felt bad now. Gwen had made him feel really lousy. “Hey, don’t worry about it. You did me a favor. I said I wasn’t going to get involved especially with the rich. They are nothing but snobs.” He spat.
Out of the corner of his right eye, he saw movement. He looked over and there was Sheridan with tears streaming down her face. She took off running down towards the beach, and Gwen running after her.

12.11.07, 12:13 AM
Chapter Three
“Luis, DAMN YOU!” Hank looked over at Luis angry that his night with Gwen was over. So much was planned for him and Gwen. He remembered the conversation with Gwen that took place not so long ago while from behind the cotton candy stand.
“So what do you say Gwen? A little food, dancing, romancing?” His eyebrows going up and down. Gwen giggled lightly. “Yes to all three.” Gwen had the seductive tone in her voice and Hank thought, ‘SCORE!’
*End Flahback*
“Sorry man. I didn’t know she was there.” Luis felt like a dumb ass. Sheridan hadn’t done once thing snobbish to him and what does he do? He rants about the rich and how alike they are and he felt even worse watching Gwen trying to catch up to Sheridan who was running down the beach coast back to her condo.
“Well there goes my night.” Hank tossed up his hands. “And just remember Buddy, you owe me big time for ruing mine and Gwen’s night.”
Luis laughed, looking over at Hank. “Man, we have been here for just a few days and you are already bedding girls.” Hank laughed as well.
“It must be the Bennett charm. Gets them every time.” Hank had the biggest grin Luis had ever seen. Luis knew what he had to do to make it up to Hank. Looking out at Gwen and Sheridan, he began the walk to where Sheridan and Gwen were now sitting in the sand.
“I don’t get it Gwen. I thought we were having a good time and that Luis didn’t think of me as a rich bitch.” The sobbing intensified and all Gwen could do was hold her.
“I am sorry this had to happen to you, sweetie. But think of it this way, maybe you are supposed to meet another man here.” Gwen said, rubbing smoothing circles across Sheridan’s back.
Footsteps could be heard in sand. Gwen and Sheridan looked behind them to see Luis walking closely and his eyes held the look of sorrow. He truly felt sorry for what was said.
“Gwen, could I talk to Sheridan alone?” Luis held a gaze to Sheridan’s tear filled blue eyes. Gwen looked at Sheridan and Sheridan nodded. Luis sat down in the sand next to Sheridan.
Luis looked back at Gwen. “Why don’t you go and have your evening with Hank. He is really pissed off that his night was ruined. Go make his day..I mean night.” All three managed a little grin. Gwen smiled at Luis and said a quiet Thank you as she walked over towards Hank.
Sheridan gazed out at the ocean, trying not to notice the closeness of Luis, the man that hurt her badly a few minutes ago. Luis looked over at Sheridan noticing her gaze staring out into the ocean. He never noticed anyone more beautiful as Sheridan looked at that moment. The moonlight shinning onto her face, the tear tracks visible.
She felt his gaze on her and slowly turned to him. A she smile came onto her face. Luis smiled his brightest smile. “I am sorry I hurt you.”
“It’s okay. I am sure you think all rich bitches have no feelings.” Sheridan tried to shrug it off, but failed miserably when the sobs started escaping her mouth. Luis moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her. “I am so sorry I sad that.” He rubbed calming circles on her back until her sobs quieted.
Hank was watching Gwen approach, his mischievous smile back in place. “Well look at that. My buddy knew what he had to do.” Gwen laughed as she approached.
“Hanky, you naughty boy.” She walked behind him and gave his butt a nice whack.
“Hey! That hurt.” Hank made sure to add on the added dramatics of a pout and rubbing of the butt. Gwen saw through it. “Aww…did I hurt you?” Hank looked over at her and saw the playfulness dancing around in her eyes.
He was going to get back at her and he did. When she was caught off guard, he started slowly reaching behind her to give her butt a good smack.
“What are you thinking about Hank?” Gwen tried to look into his eyes for any hints, but all his eyes told her was he was being himself…the prankster. And then all of a sudden…SMACK!
“Ouch!” Gwen quickly rubbed her butt and then “Hank, you better be running or I am going to get you back so bad.” Hank laughed as he took of running toward Sheridan and Gwen’s condo.
Neither of the duo saw that Sheridan and Luis were staring at them as the ran.
“Looks like I have no place to go back to for awhile.” Sheridan was happy for her friend, but right now a hot bath and bed sounded so good. She just wanted to forget all about today, but her plans were on hold since Gwen was busy at the condo.
Sure, she could go to the condo, but Sheridan was not in the mood to listen to…well, she just couldn’t.
“Why don’t you and I go back to the carnival and enjoy ourselves some more? I promise to show you a GREAT time. Then after that we could go and get some pizza or whatever you are hungry for.” Luis’ eyes held a look of hope.
Did he actually want to spend time with a rich bi…Sheridan shook her head from those thoughts. ‘If Luis wants to spend time with me, then he must not see me as a rich bitch anymore.’ Or so she hoped.
“Sound like fun, Luis.” He slowly got up from the sand and wiped off the sand from his legs. He then extended his right hand out to her and he helped her stand up. He linked their fingers together as they walked back toward the carnival.
“Gwen, hurry it up.” Hank was getting impatient about his night with her. She was fumbling with the key to the condo.
“If you don’t keep your hands to yourself this very second, I am going to send you back to the carnival without the ride you want to go on.” She winked. Hank stopped in all seriousness.
He held up his hands as in retreat. “Ok.” He grumbled.
The door clicked open.
“Are you ready for that ride, Hanky Panky?”
“Oh hell, yeah.” He grabbed Gwen’s hand and the door shut behind them.
To Be Continued...

12.18.07, 10:31 PM
Chapter Four

"Oh, look. a band is playing. Can we go listen for awhile. My stomach didn't do so well on the Tilt-R-Whirl." Sheridan asked, looking kinda green. Luis had laughed when she had screamed during the ride, but when her hand had gone to her mouth, he knew he was going to be in trouble if he didn't stop spinning. So like the perfect gentlemen he was, he pulled her close and made sure the ride didn't spin.

"Anything for you." Luis reached for Sheridan's right hand and gave it a light kiss. Her beaming smile was enough to light the sky. They slowly walked toward the gazebo where a band was playing music from the eras. Luis found a bench just enough for him and Sheridan to squish together, comfortably. Sitting down, Luis wrapped his right arm around Sheridan, bringing her even closer. She looked at Luis smiling and he smiled back. The band started playing Bryan Adams "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" when Luis and Sheridan started inching there way toward each other. Their lips met in a soft brush of the lips. A sweet soft peck. Luis then looked back at Sheridan to see if it was alright for him to continue and all of a sudden, Sheridan grabbed him back to her lips. Their kiss gaining intensity. With every kiss, Sheridan grew hotter and hotter.

"Luis. I think we need to calm down a bit." She moaned as his lips made its way from her lips down her throat to her slightly covered chest. Just a thin piece of material covered her chest and the rest was uncovered for Luis. He moaned some more as he reached his destination...her delectable breasts. "Luis, please." Luis stopped what he was doing and looked at her. Seeing her become conscientious of her body and surroundings he stopped. He gave one more quick peck to her lips and brought Sheridan back to him for some major cuddling as they listened to the song.


"Oh Hank. Hurry up already. Grab the damn condom and get your pants off. I can only wait so much." Gwen was grumbling from the black satin sheets she had earlier put on the bed, the king size bed. She had been ready when they had walked into the house, but Hank wanted a tour of the place first, then he wanted something to eat and drink, and now he couldn't just rip those clothes off. Nope he had to take good care of his "evenings out" shirt. Hell if he didn't get in this bed in the next five seconds then Gwen will just rip it off him and buy him a new damn shirt.

"I'm coming." Hank folded his Aerosmith t-shirt and placed it on the near by chair. Next came his black swimming trousers. Thank god he didn't have to worry about underwear here. Grabbing the condom, he ran to the bed and jumped on it, sending Gwen flying and screeching into the air. "Hank!"

"I couldn't resist. Sorry babe." Hank said sheepishly.

"Now that you had your fun with the bed, let's have some fun of our own." Gwen said grabbing Hank and throwing him on the bed, while she leaned over him. "Get the condom on and hurry this time." Hank reached for the condom packet and tried to rip it open. While in his urgency he had seemed to rip the package and the condom. "Damn!"

"Tell me you did not just do that." Gwen groaned. As worked up as she was, she didn't want to get pregnant by not using protection.

'Sorry. Looks like our night is through." Hank complained.

Gwen sighed and got up to get dressed. Hank followed pissed off at himself for being clumsy.

"We might as well go and see how Sheridan and Luis are getting along." Gwen said walking out of the house, leaving Hank behind.

1.3.08, 12:17 AM
Chapter Five

"So how about a walk along the beach?" Luis asked Sheridan after spending the last hour cuddling on the bench and listening to just about every love song from the sixties to the eighties. Luis really needed to stretch his legs and get rid of his leg cramps among other things.

"Sure." Sheridan shook her head yes. Luis held his arm out for her and off they went to the beach.


The beach was deserted except for a few couples walking along the waterfront. Seems like it was the night for couples. Luis felt really stupid for ever thinking so little of Sheridan. She was one of the greatest girls he had met, well probably the best. Looking up at the stars, luis saw a shooting star go by, as had Sheridan.

"Make a wish." Luis said as he made his own.

'I wish Luis will want to spend more time with me.'

'I wish Sheridan will want to spend time with me.'

"So what did you wish for?" Luis asked.

"I can't tell you otherwise it won't come true." a smiling Sheridan said.


"Do you see them yet?" Hank asked Gwen. They had been walking around the carnival now for a good forty five minutes, never even thinking about looking at the concert.

"Nope." Gwen's feet were starting to hurt. "Do you think they are listening to the concert?" Gwen asked, nodding in the general direction of the love songs.

"I know Luis. He wouldn't be caught dead listening to that crap, especially with Sheridan."

Gwen looked pissed. "and what is that supposed to mean?"

"Hank knew he put his foot in his mouth. "Just that Luis doesn't want to find love and remember what he said about Sheridan before. I know my buddy."

"Do you think they went to your room to sleep since they thought we would be occupied." Gwen asked.

"Good thinking and if they are not there, well there is a supply of condoms." Hank smirked.

"Lets get going then, Hanky." Gwen started dragging him.


"Gwen are you here?" Sheridan yelled into the house. All that greeted them was silence. "Guess they left." Sheridan smiled shyly at Luis. "Do you wanna come in?" Sheridan held the door open for Luis as he entered.

"Sher-" Luis was cut off by Sheridan kissing him.

1.8.08, 11:44 PM
Chapter Six

the next morning...

Sheridan awoke to a feeling she hadn't felt before. True Happiness. Luis and her had spooned all night and she didn't want it to end. Sheridan blushed just thinking about what had gone on last night after she had annishiated the first kiss.

the night before...

“What the hell are you doing? I thought you wanted to—“

“I got horny,” she informed him in a breathless little voice that had his already hardening length swelling against his zipper.

”Sheridan, this is a foolish—“

He was cut off by her lips attacking his. She’d pushed him against the wall, her hands firm on his chest, her lips firm against his and her tongue demanding entrance. He granted it and reciprocated, his tongue dancing with hers, pulling her inside his mouth and stroking her tongue with his own. Sheridan moaned quietly, and when he turned them so that she was pressed against the wall, she didn’t object.

Luis prepared himself to pull back from her soft warmth. Then she did the bit where she wriggled her hips and moaned into his mouth, and he was lost in her again. He was hard and ready to go, and even though he knew that there would be no going of that sort, he couldn’t help but slip a hand beneath her top and feel the smooth skin beneath it. Even her stomach was perfect—curved every so slightly, smooth, and soft as silk. It shuddered under his touch, making him smile into her lips as he thrust his hips towards hers, pinning her more firmly against the wall.

“You like that, Sher?” he asked, stroking her stomach in tandem with the strokes of his tongue. “My hands…all over you…” he slipped a hand behind her, squeezing her bottom; she gasped and, to his delight, thrust back at him.

“Please…” she whispered, the pleading sound lost almost as soon as it left her lips.

“Sheridan, If you wanna get screwed right up against this wall, then keep going.” Sheridan gave him a dirty smile, got loose from the wall, and sauntered into her bedroom. Luis followed like a little puppy dog.

And there they cuddled all night with the occasional kiss.

end flashback

"What are you grinning about?" Luis had a big smile on his face as he looked at her. Sheridan blushed. "Must be something good, telling by your blush there."

"I was thinking about last night and how wonderful it was."

"It definitely was wonderful and a whole lot more." Luis smile was wide, showing his pearly whites. "As much fun as it is to just lie here with you in my arms, I think we better go see if Gwen showed up with Hank."

After a quick kiss, they both got up in search of their friends.

1.20.08, 6:14 PM
Chapter Seven

Holding hands, Luis and Sheridan walked the beach. Trying to keep an eye out for their friends while also stealing quick glances at each other.

"I don't see them. How about you?" Luis looked at Sheridan, expectantly.

"Nope! me neither." Sheridan said quickly.

Luis smiled. "I don't work until noon. So that gives us three hours all to ourselves." Sheridan raised her eyebrow, wondering what he was getting at. "Oh, come on Sher. You! Me! Lets go to the arcade. I want to win my girl the biggest stuffed animal there is." Sheridan laughed and off they ran to the arcade.


'"Hanky. Wake up! We need to go find Sheridan and Luis." Gwen whispered into his ear.

"I am up babe." Hank smirked.

"Not Like that. Not that I wouldn't, but I am getting worried about Sheridan. We never did find her and Luis last night." Gwen pleaded.

"OK, I am up."

"Good. As soon as you are dressed we can leave." Hank got up, dressed and out the door they went.


"Come on Luis. All you need is to get this skiball into the bullseye and we can get that cute teddy, which I really want." Sheridan pouted.

"Sure, no pressure now is there?" Sheridan laughed before leaning into Luis and giving the side of his neck a tender love bite. Luis groaned. "Why do I have to work today?"

"Poor baby." Sheridan leaned over and kissed Luis on the lips. After the kiss Luis smiled at Sheridan and rolled the last ball. Sure enough it went into the bullseye. Sheridan screamed of excitement. "Yes, I get my bear."

"And I get another kiss." Luis and Sheridan locked lips, not noticing a familiar couple walk by.


"I didn't see them in the arcade either." Gwen was getting nervous. Sheridan was never one to disappear like that.

"Don't worry. Luis has to be at work in ten minutes with me. So he has to show up." Gwen and him started walking toward the beach, hoping Luis would be there with Sheridan already.


"I gotta go to work now babe." Luis whispered before going into another kiss.

"Yes, you better." Sheridan said out of breath. "And I need to find Gwen."

Luis quickly kissed her once more before taking her hand and walking to the beach.


"Look who is coming down the path, Gwen." Hank smirked. It had looked like Sheridan and Luis had gotten closer since last night.

Sheridan stopped close to Gwen and Luis went up to his chair.

"Sheridan. I was so worried." Gwen put her friend into a hug. Then Gwen got a good look at Sheridan. Her eyes went wide. "Well it looks like I wasn't the only one having some fun." Gwen smirked.

"What?" Sheridan was confused.

"You have a hickey." Sheridan turned bright red, while Hank good be heard yelling, "Way to go Luis!"

3.7.08, 4:56 PM
Chapter Eight

"Give me details Man. Did you nail her?" Hank asked quite loudly. Sheridan looked over at Luis still bright red from when Gwen had pointed to her hickey. Gwen was still waiting for the details on how Sheridan and Luis went from hating each other, to liking each other, to getting really friendly in a matter of a day.

Luis had grabbed Hank's hand fast and had started to drag him to his station at work. Luis was being closed mouth on what went on last night. 'The gentleman' is what Sher would call him. Gwen looked over at Sheridan. Sheridan was doing everything she could so she didn't have to look at Gwen in the eyes.

"Sheridan? Is everything ok though?" Sheridan finally looked at her and smiled. "He was a complete gentleman. He only went as far as I wanted him too." Gwen could see the look in Sheridan's eyes. The look of love.

"And you deserve the best." Gwen's stomach rumbled. "Let's go eat. I am starving." Sheridan nodded then turned toward Luis and blew him a kiss, then walked toward the nearby diner. Luis' face lit up with a terrific smile. Even Hank thought his friend had it bad. 'And just to think that just yesterday, he hated women.' Hank laughed causing Luis to turn to him and give him a dirty look.


After spending the four hours trying to work and keep watch at all the people in the ocean, Luis was finally done for the day. And all he had was Sheridan on the brain.

"You wanna go grab so food, luis?" Luis was already looking for Sheridan on the beach. He had spotted her earlier splashing around in the water with some children. "Guess not. Go find Sheridan and I will go find Gwen. Maybe she will eat with me." Hank said jokingly. Luis finally hearing what Hank said, whipped his head back to him. "Sorry man." Luis said sheepishly.

"No problem. Go get your girl." Hank grinned, before walking off to go where he had last seen Gwen. Luis took off toward where he last saw here. A grin swept across his face as he spotted her tanning not ten feet away. Walking up quietly, he stood in front of her blocking the shade. "About time, Gwen. Give me my..." Sheridan finally had opened her eyes and looked up at Luis.

"Hey" "Hey" Luis sat down in the sand before leaning over and giving her a quick kiss on the lips. Sheridan blushed, which Luis thought was cute. Hell, everything about her was cute.

"Are you done working?" Sheridan asked, smiling at him.

"I am all yours until tomorrow noon." Luis looked wolf-like. He had that predatory look in his eyes and Sheridan knew what it meant. He wanted her just as much as she wanted him. Maybe tonight would be the night for some fun.

"Let's get going. Race you to the caves." Sheridan tore off.

"I am gonna get you Sheridan Crane." Sheridan looked back, seeing Luis catch up and grab her, twirling her around.

"That's what I am counting on." She reached up and kissed him hard. There would be no guessing on what Sheridan wanted. Luis groaned before racing with her, in his arms, to the cave.

Tonight was the night.

3.17.08, 7:03 PM
i love this story so far
please continue=D

4.8.08, 4:39 PM
Chapter Nine

When they got to the entrance of the cave, Luis looked at Sheridan. She almost had the look of uncertainty in her eyes. "Are you sure about this? It will change everything, baby." Luis asked wanting her to be sure before things progressed.

She looked at him, and all of a sudden it was like a light went off. She was sure of this. If she was to die after tonight, she would be a happy woman. "Positive." She beamed at him.

Luis Whooped loudly, casing Sheridan to laugh uncontrollably. We walked into the cave with her still in his arms.

When they got furthur in, Sheridan found a blanket and a fire already started. Sheridan looked at Luis. "How?"

Luis grinned happy that she liked the surprise. "Where do you think Gwen was?" sheridan groaned in his shoulder before kissing him soundly on the mouth. "You do realize that I am going to be razzed by Gwen tomorrow."

"So will I, but it will be worth it." Luis went to kissing Sheridan again. He slowly lowered her on the blanket and went to kiss every inch of her before making love to her.


"So, Do you think they are enjoying themselves?" Hank asked, staring at the frot entrance of the cave.

Gwen smirked at him, before whispering, "I know they are." She kissed him quickly before walking off.

"Where are you going babe?" Hank asked running to catch up.

"I am NOT going to listen to that, you perve. Come on Lets get something to eat before enjoying ourselves like the love birds in there." She said pointing to the cave.

"You read my mind sweetheart." They both grinned before heading to the diner to get some to go food before indulging in their own hanky panky.

To Be Continued......

4.25.08, 5:09 PM
Chapter Ten

"That was amazing." Sheridan had a new glow about her that Luis couldn't get enough of.

"It's not over yet baby." Luis whispered to her before giving her a kiss that left her breathless. She moaned as his hands roamed her already heated body.

"But don't you think we should head back to your place or mine and continue it there? I don't want someone to walk in here on us." Sheridan asked so sweetly that Luis wanted her even more.

"Get dressed fast." Luis said while trying to stuff his legs in his jeans sans underwear. Sheridan followed suit. As soon as they were out of the cave, they looked around and made a mad dash to Luis' room since his was the closest.

"Where do you think Gwen and Hank are?" Sheridan asked, curious as to where her best friend and her lover disappeared.

"I don't care at this moment. They could walk in on us and I wouldn't care. They could watch us and I wouldn't care." Luis stalked over to Sheridan and threw her over his shoulders and ran for his bed, throwing her down. Life couldn't get any better if it was here with Sheridan.


"Gwen, do you think it would be alright if I quickly went to my room and grabbed some clothes for tomorrow?" Hank asked, out of breath after their love making.

"You won't need them till tomorrow anyway. Why bother with thinking about clothes if you won't be waring them?"

"Good point babe." and they went back to their love making.


Sheridan giggled as Luis tickled her sides. It felt so natural to be here with Luis, naked like this, enjoying each others company.

"Luis? Do you think you could stop that so we could get some nurishment?" Sheridan asked, out of breath from laughing si hard.

"Anything you want." Luis grabbed a quick kiss before they went to the diner to get some food.


Sitting at the diner, Sheridan finally asked Luis the question she was dreading. "Luis? Where do you see this going between us? Is it just good sex?"

"Baby, I plan on following you anywhere." Luis grinned.

Sheridan grinned back. "Even if it is to a colder climate, like Harmony, Maine?"

Luis looked shocked. Sheridan wasn't sure if it was dread from thinking about the cold. "Harmony?" He asked.

Sheridan nodded. "I am from Harmony." Luis said.

Sheridan was the next one stunned.

"How come I never saw you before?" Luis asked, trying to figure out which family she belonged to.

"I lived there as a small child. My brother and his family live there still." Did Luis want to go back to his family.

"This just made my day better. I get to go home and see my family and I also get you there too." Luis grinned, then Sheridan grinned. Leaning over the table, their lips met in a passionate kiss.

"So your brother is Julian Crane. I don't know why I didn't put it together. He lives in the house on the big hill and owns Crane Industries."

"Yeah. Is that bad?"

"Not at all. Your brother is alright. Not sure about your dad though. I saw him yell at a restraunt worker for the food being too hot."

"That's my loser dad, Alistair."

"Don't worry babe. You are with me now and I plan to keep you by my side forever.

Sheridan cheered up at that. "So when did you want to go home?"

"Work is done for me in a week. I was planning on returning then, so you can come with." Both grinning, the ate their food fast. Knowing when they got to his room, they would love each other well.


When the week came, Luis, Hank, Sheridan, and even Gwen boarded the plan for Harmony.

6.7.08, 6:35 PM

It had been five years since Sheridan gave up everything to be with Luis. She could still remember the phone call she received from her father.

"You better leave Harmony NOW!"

"Sorry father. I love him. I am not going to give him up."

"What about your inheritance? You wouldn't now what to do being poor."

"Good bye father." and she hung up.

Her life had changed for the better. Sure it was hard at first, but she managed. She even got a job working with the children at the youth center. Luis enrolled in the police department and he was now looking at being a detective.

'Life couldn't get any better than this.' she thought rubbing her eight month pregnant self.

They already had a four year old girl named Kathy, after her grandmother. She was a handful, but wrapped around her daddy's finger. She could get away with anything.

Sheridan thought about when she found out Kathy was coming.

"What are we going to do Luis? We aren't ready for a baby." Sheridan cried into Luis' shoulder.

Luis spread his hands across Sheridan's still flat stomach. "She is our miracle. Just think, she was probably conceived that first night. It may not be the best time, but we can deal with this miracle coming."

And deal with it they did. They had gotten married quietly with just his family and friends and Gwen.

Thinking of Gwen she knew she better call her. Kathy was over there with Hank and her little boy. He came along just a few months after Kathy and it still amazed her that both children got along well. Gwen had gone on to college after that using her inheritance. She was now in law school and on break for the summer.

Reaching for the phone, she felt arms wrapping around her. "You're home early."

Giving Luis a quick kiss, she went back to calling Gwen. Luis stood behind her. Life couldn't get any better than this. And then her water broke.