View Full Version : New Annoyance

11.20.16, 6:14 PM
"This." I absolutely hate when people post something on FB and the only thing they write is "This." It is so stupid! Like "This" explains everything they think about the subject. Dumb.

11.20.16, 7:14 PM
Reminds me of "i can't even".
You can't even what?
Finish your damn sentence.

And while you're at it, realize that "cray" only has one less letter in it than "crazy".

Oh, and if you "LIKE" a post, try writing a few words about WHY you like it.

It is sad how lazy people have gotten when it comes to the written word.

11.21.16, 9:04 AM
I'll admit: I often "share" without adding anything. It's a silent "This". (LOL Dad joke. *blush*)