View Full Version : Duck Dynasty canceled.

11.18.16, 3:07 AM
It still boggles my mind that people like this are presented as this generation's Brady Bunch. It is shows like this that normalized attitudes in this country that led to the rise of the Tea Party and Donald Trump.


11.19.16, 1:47 AM
Everything runs it's course and it seems so has this show. It really was nothing more than any reality type show that attracts a certain type of audience, which Duck Dynasty originally drew the hunter type crowd who ran a very successful business, plus marketed itself as a moral, Christian centered family which appealed to that market. And that's fine. Was not a program I was drawn to, but God help I watch those retched Real Housewives shows...lol! ;-)

It was funny to me that the Duck bunch aligned with another reality star, Trump....really made no sense if the Duck's (and other so called religious people) aligned with Trump. Not that I thought they would with Hillary, but finding Trump the most moral candidate says a lot about their lack of character and how little they revered morals at all.

11.19.16, 10:02 AM
Well said, Cats. It is just another "reality" show. (More scripted than reality.)

The marketing is obnoxious politics-of-convenience.

11.19.16, 12:29 PM
I do think that endorsements like this does help a political candidate. I think people are indeed swayed by TV personalities, Trump, the Duggars, the Robertsons. Being a TV personality, or associated with one. For example, people who watch Ellen or Oprah will probably vote a certain way depending on who they endorse.

11.19.16, 1:16 PM
I understand, and agree to some extent, but I think that folks who would follow the recommendations of the likes of the Duggars and the Robertsons are probably already in that particular tent. The only swaying that might be done is if there are multiple selections on the same end of the spectrum. Like, say, in the republican primaries this 2016 season. They started with 16, but of those, one was a woman, one was black, one was Jeb, and the rest were all the same. They ended up choosing the squeakiest wheel.

12.20.16, 8:05 PM
This is not normal. Whatever the intentions of A&E are, having a series that showcases the KKK might create more sympathizers for them than sympathizing with those who want out.

http://www.salon.com/2016/12/20/this-is-not-normal-ae-announces-new-series-generation-k-k-k/ (http://www.salon.com/2016/12/20/this-is-not-normal-ae-announces-new-series-generation-k-k-k/)