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12.11.07, 12:07 AM
The sun was just rising, the glow in the master bedroom giving a meaning to burning desire as he looked down at his fiancée, the glow from the sun accenting her white milky skin against the dark blue satin covers. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald had the life he almost wanted, what he wanted more than anything was to get this wedding over with so he could start his life with Sheridan, as husband and wife.
Luis chuckled as he watched Sheridan sleep. She was obviously dreaming, the wide smile and of course, moaning his name in her sleep, gave away her dream. He lay there most mornings watching the rise and fall of her chest, making sure she was never leaving.
Sure, they still had obstacles to over come, one in particular. Once Alistair found out where Sheridan was and who she was engaged to again, he suddenly welcomed them both with open arms, as if the last few years did not matter. Both knew why he was welcoming them, money. Alistair didn’t want anything to happen to Crane Industries and if sucking up to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds again was going to give him his money, then so be it.
A slight stir on the bed caused Luis to drop out of his daze and look at Sheridan, as she opened her blue sparkling eyes. “Morning.” Luis said, as he leaned over and gave her a light, sweet kiss. Sheridan smiled and leaned over to meet his sweet lips. “Morning handsome.”
Luis started to rise from the bed, but Sheridan had other plans. Wrapping both her arms around his waist, she pulled him back down on the bed. “Sher, baby. You are gonna kill me here.” He said, as she already began her sweet torture on his body. For some reason today, she was even feistier than usual.
They seemed to follow the same routine most days. He would get up make them breakfast, some how make their way back into bed, and then would get up around 9 to start their day. ‘Thank goodness for alarm clocks waking me up at 6.’ Luis thought as Sheridan was now moving to dangerous territory. He knew if he didn’t stop now, he wouldn’t be going to work today again.
Martin was use to it now. There were days when Luis would fail to show up all together. But Martin hoped Luis remembered about the meeting that was scheduled in a little over two hours. They were about to come face to face with Alistair Crane again. Martin was not looking forward to this meeting. He knew Alistair would demand some money for having his daughter marry into the family.
Martin never understood how Luis talked him into helping Alistair instead of just buying it from under him. Martin chuckled as the realization hit him. ‘Sheridan.’ She was the reason his son had wanted to help out Crane Industries.
Martin glanced at the clock again, realizing that if he didn’t remind his son now, Luis would not be coming in. Picking up the phone, Martin dialed the number he had memorized in a little under a week.
The phone ringing in the background caused Sheridan to groan. She had almost got Luis right where she wanted him, naked and above her. Luis looked at her and shrugged apologetically at her.
“Hello.” Luis said as he picked up the phone and put it to his ear. “Papa. No, I didn’t forget the meeting.” Sheridan sat there listening to her fiancée tell his father another excuse of why he was late. “I am making breakfast, eggs and sausage” Sheridan turned a shade of red she never thought she could. Luis, after realizing what he said turned to look at a very embarrassed Sher. Martin could be heard chuckling into the phone, which made both Sheridan and Luis to turn even brighter. Thank goodness Martin was not with them at this moment.
As Luis finished the conversation, Sheridan decided to get up. Stretching her arms over her head as her feet hit the ground, Sheridan suddenly got nauseous and running to the bathroom like there was no tomorrow.

12.11.07, 12:08 AM
Chapter One
Luis set the phone back on the cradle. He knew he had that important meeting with Alistair today. He wasn’t looking forward to it. After all, who would when the future father-in-law was asking them for money just because he happened to fall in love with his daughter?
When Luis turned around, he saw Sheridan running for the bathroom. Seconds later, he knew she was sick. Walking to the bathroom, he heard her sickly moans. He reached the bathroom and took out a washcloth out of the closet. He ran warm water onto the cloth and ran the washcloth behind Sheridan’s neck.
She looked up at him, a loving gaze still present in her eyes. Could he be any more loving? “Come here sweetheart.” Luis said, holding out his right arm for her to take. Once she was standing up, she became woozy. Luis swiped her up in his arms and carried her back to the bed.
Luis was concerned for her. “Maybe I should call papa and have him reschedule the meeting with your father.” Luis said, as he was putting Sheridan back into the bed. Sheridan moved he right pointer finger against his lips to quiet him. “Luis, you need to go to that meeting. Maybe my father will finally leave us alone after today. Anyway, I feel fine now. It must have been something I ate last night.” She tried to reassure him she would be fine at the apartment all alone for the few hours he would be gone.
Luis finally agreed with her, as long as she promised to stay in the bed till he got back from the meeting. This meeting was extra special to him. Just the night before, Sheridan had agreed for Luis to buy the company from under Alistair, just as long as it could be put in her name, and she could run it. Why hadn’t Luis or Martin thought about that? His fiancée was something else, another reason for him to love her.
Luis bent down to give her one more kiss before he left and gave her a wink, a secret wink meant only for them to know what was going to happen today. Alistair would be thrown off his high horse once and for all, and Sheridan would have all she ever wanted…a fiancé who loved HER for her and her mother’s company. As soon as she heard the front door close shut, she threw the covers off of her and rose from the bed again.
Sure, she promised Luis that she would remain in bed, but what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Just as Sher stretched again, she felt the wave of nausea overtake her, making her charge for the bathroom.
Luis walked into the boardroom with a sappy smile across his face. Antonio looked at his brother and the only thing that came to mind was, ‘must have been the quickie from this morning.’ Antonio had moved Kim and his son back to New York with him. He hated being away from them, just as much as Luis couldn’t stand being away from Sheridan. He couldn’t believe he had been so wrong about Sheridan. He felt bad about that and to that day, he kept apologizing.
Luis seated in his chair and faced Alistair Crane, giving his soon to be father-in-law a smug look. ‘Won’t he be surprised?’
Chapter Two
Kimberly Crane pushed the up elevator button, while trying to hold onto little Alex. For an almost five year old, he still liked to disobey his mother every chance he could. In many ways, he was so much like Antonio.
Little Alex was instantly attached to Antonio being his father. From the second his mother said that Antonio was his father, Alex would call Antonio “daddy.” Little Alex loved his father and it shown clearly in his eyes.
As the elevator doors opened, Alex decided right then to disobey his mother again by pressing all 30 buttons on the elevator walls. Kimberly groaned knowing what her son had done after seeing his smirk. She walked back into the elevators and sure enough all the buttons were pressed.
She looked at her son giving him the you are in trouble look, but that didn’t stop her son from smiling his little smile, the same smile Antonio gives her. She melted from that look. How would she ever punish her son if he kept on imitating his father? Sighing she walked over to Sheridan’s door and knocked.
Sheridan heard a light knock followed by ‘Alex, get over here.’ She knew her cousin was here. She went to the door and opened it up. “Kim, about time you got here.” Sheridan said, exaggerating her look like she was waiting forever.
“What is it you want?” Kim asked, getting right to the point. She knew soon her son would get into something. Sheridan, sensing Kim’s thoughts, walked over to Alex. “Would you like to play with the new play station uncle Luis bought?”
Alex’s eyes widened. “Weally?” He looked over at Sheridan, she nodded, and then he looked over to his mother. Once she nodded, he ran over to the TV and turned it on.
Sheridan turned back to Kim. “Now we can talk.” She led her to the kitchen table and sat down. Sheridan looked out the window and drew in a deep breath.
“Well?” Kim asked, getting impatient. She did want to go shopping at some point in the day.
“What are the signs that you might be pregnant?” Sheridan turned to face her cousin, giving her a serious look. Kim sat there stunned. “You…you…you might be pregnant?”
“Why else would I ask? You should know first hand since you had Alex.” Sher said while smiling toward Alex. “Why don’t you just go out and buy a pregnancy test?”
“Mommy, what’s a pwegnancy test?” Little Alex had over heard. Kim went towards her son and said, “nothing. Now go finish playing your game.” Alex did as he was told, but he planned on asking his daddy as soon as he saw him.
“You know what? Watch Alex and I will be right back.” Kimberly grabbed her purse and walked out the door.
A little over an hour later, Kimberly walked back into Sheridan’s apartment, holding a paper bag.
“What’s in the bag?” Sheridan asked curiously. Kim threw the bag at her and said, “Go take the test.” Sheridan pulled out the pregnancy test and walked into the bathroom, ready to take the test.
When Sheridan came back out ten minutes later, Kimberly looked up from playing the game with her son. “Well?”

12.11.07, 12:08 AM
Chapter Three
“Well” Kim asked, getting rather impatient with her cousin. It wasn’t that hard to read a pregnancy test. When she took the pregnancy test to find out if she was pregnant with Alex, all she had to look for was a plus sign. It was that easy.
Sheridan looked up at her cousin, tears filling her blue eyes with a new sparkle. “I’m pregnant.” She barely said in a whisper.
Alistair Crane’s voice roared inside the conference room. When Luis handed his future father-in-law the contract from the bank in California saying that Lopez-Fitz Enterprises was buying out Crane Industries instead of helping them, Alistair almost had a heart attack.
“What is the meaning of this? I thought we agreed to have your company help mine.” Red with anger, Alistair turned to Luis. “And you,” his finger pointing and shaking towards Luis, “once my daughter learns of this, you will be through.” Alistair smirked thinking he still had an upper hand in this, thanks to Sheridan.
Martin and Antonio chuckled, which only made Alistair even angrier. “What is the meaning of this? Is this how you people run things here in New York? No wonder California is the better place to be.”
“Umm, Mr. Crane,” Luis said trying to get his attention, “I won’t lose Sheridan to you. Why do you think I even agreed to this matter? I am buying the company, your company, for your daughter.” A smug look lit his face.
Alistair stormed to the door, tearing up the document. “This isn’t the end of this,” he said as he stormed out.
“Sheridan, you are glowing.” Kim announced, not that she would expect anything less from Sheridan. Her dreams were always to find the love of her life, marry him, and have a beautiful family.
Sheridan turned to her cousin, who was sitting next to her on the sofa, while Alex played with the video game that he had been playing for over an hour since he had been there. “Sorry. I just can’t believe it. I have a beautiful life growing inside of me. I am going to be a mother.” Kimberly grinned. “Well, how are you going to tell Luis?”
Sheridan froze. “Oh no. I have no idea. What if he doesn’t want children right away? What am I going to do?” Sheridan was on the verge of losing it and Kim knew it. “Calm down. I am positive Luis is going to be excited.” Kim grinned through her tears.
“Well I could call our favorite restaurant and make a reservation. But how will I even bring up a subject such as having children right now?” Neither women heard Luis walk through the penthouse doors. “Is someone having a baby or something?” Luis asked, looking at the women quizzically. Antonio soon followed in the doors seeing his son playing.
“Kim, I think it is time we buy one of those for our son.” Alex looked over at his father and grinned. “I wike that idea, daddy.” And he went back to playing the game.
Luis and Antonio were busy filling in Kim and Sheridan about what happened at the office. Luis noticed that Sheridan wasn’t quite there. She was distracted. “Sher, is something wrong?” She looked at him, the look of love and complete joy in her eyes. “Nope, everything is perfect.” Luis was confused. When he first walked into the apartment, he noticed that Sheridan was nervous and now she was on top of the moon.
Alex had finished the video game and walked over to his father. “Daddy, can I ask you a question?” Antonio picked him up and set him on his lap. “Sure buddy. You can ask me anything?” Alex looked at his father and asked, “What is a pwegancy test?”
Luis and Antonio looked shocked. Where did he hear about those? Sheridan was a pale white, a reflection of a ghost. Kim was just as quiet, but didn’t resemble the whiteness that her cousin was showing.
“Alex, where did you hear about those?” Antonio asked cautiously. He wasn’t to sure which one of the women had talked about the test. Could Kim be pregnant again or was it Sheridan?
“Mommy went out and bought one fow Auntie Sher.” Luis swiftly looked at Sher, as she was biting her lip.
Luis walked over to his fiancée and took her shaking hands. “Sher, are you…” He couldn’t even say the words.
Sheridan was careful in saying her answer. “What if I am?” Luis knew what that meant. She was pregnant. A whoop of joy rang out the room and Luis picked up Sheridan and twirled her around. Their laughter and joy filling the air.
“This calls for a celebration. I am taking you to The Russian Tea Room.” Sheridan smiled at Luis’ suggestion. She had wanted to go there for so long, but he wanted to go there for a special occasion, and this was certainly one.
Sheridan leaned into Luis and whispered in his ear. “Just so you know, I plan to celebrate my way tonight…in bed.” And she squeezed his butt. All Luis could think of was Halleluiah. He wouldn’t stop Sher if she was in one of those frisky moods.
Chapter Four
The light glow of the candles on the table illuminated the romantic atmosphere that The Russian Tea Room had going. A soft romantic tune was playing and the smell of roses in the air.
Luis looked across at Sheridan, who at the time was looking over the menu finding everything appetizing. Luis loved the way the candlelight showed her soft features. She was going to be the best mother. He still couldn’t believe it. He was about to become a father.
“Luis, hunny. What are you having?” Sheridan said, still staring at her menu. Her eyes scanned over the menu a third time, staring at a description of the finest crab New York City had to offer.
Luis also scanned his menu. “I was thinking about having something simple. Lobster, salad, and a glass of wine.” Sheridan looked over her menu and at him. “I was thinking the same thing, except Junior here,” she said while patting her tummy, “is very hungry for some crab.” Sheridan pulled her lip to a pout hoping Luis wouldn’t mind if she ordered both.
“Sher, if you want both, get both. Besides, when do I ever get to spoil the two people that mean the world to me?” Sher knew what he meant, her and the baby was his whole world.
Sher leaned up across the table, giving him a sweet butterfly kiss on the lips, smiled and whispered “Thank You.” Sher sat back down in her seat. “I should be the one thanking you. You are giving me our baby.” Luis said across from the table. Sheridan was glowing so beautifully and the candlelight added to that beauty.
“How about we dance after the waiter comes and takes our orders?” Luis said, with his eyebrows wiggling. Sher laughed. “Isn’t it always like you to be thinking about sex when you should be concentrating on keeping yourself composed in public?” “Sorry babe. You know how my mind works.”
Sheridan laughed some more as the waiter finally approached. A handsome young man, with brown hair and green eyes walked over to them. “Can I take your order?” He said, while his gaze drifted over Sheridan’s tight red dress.
“Yes, I would like it if you stopped staring at my fiancée like that!” Luis angrily spat. The man looked downward and said, “sorry sir.” Luis continued on with his order of a glass of white wine, lobster, and a salad. The man, whose nametag on his shirt read “Wess” looked over at Sheridan, as she subconsciously bit her lip. She still wasn’t sure of she should order what she wanted or what the baby seemed to want at this moment.
Luis knew that look. “She wants the salad, lobster, crab, and…what would you like to drink love?” He said turning his attention back to Sher. She grinned and said, “A glass of water is just fine.” The waiter looked impressed. “You are actually going to eat a lobster and a crab?”
“Yes, I am. When my baby wants something, he or she is going to get it. Understand?” Sheridan screamed, a mood swing in affect. The waiter just nodded and left quickly. Luis released a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding. ‘Her FIRST pregnancy mood swing. God help me.’ Luis thought.
“Sher, hunny, lets dance now.” He extended his right hand to her and she took it. A slow jazzy romantic tune was playing by the little orchestra the restaurant had playing. They walked out to the dance floor.
Wrapped in a warm embrace, they started swaying to the music. Luis, rubbing his hands up and down her back. As soon as Luis cupped her waist, with his fingers inside the dress, Sheridan knew he was playing with fire. “Luis stop.” She whispered. “You are the one you happened to wear a dress with simple access.” He winked.
“Luis. You know how I can get if you keep doing that?” Sheridan whined. Luis kept on with his seductive caresses. Sheridan was holding back a moan. Luis’ hand slipped out of her dress. Sher thought the torment was over until he cupped her breast in his hand. She inhaled sharply. Her eyes wide with disbelief. She looked around and made sure no one saw. Thank goodness no one did. Luis grinned, knowing full well she had been greatly affected.
Sheridan was so red by the time she saw the astonishment on her fiancé’s face. “I am going back to the table now.” She said with gritted teeth. Luis knew too well that the act she was giving now was to cool herself down.
15 minutes later
“Where is my food?” Sheridan said getting impatient. Ever since Luis started with his seductive caresses, all Sheridan could think about was getting him naked and in their bed. Her hormones were racing.
“Sher, calm down. Food will be here soon.” As soon as that was said, the waiter came out with their salads. “Enjoy the salads. Your lobsters and crab should be done in about 10 to 15 minutes.”
Sheridan stopped eating her salad and looked at the waiter. Her eyes flashed with anger. “I want that food now.” The waiter didn’t know what to say. Luis just stared at his fiancée. Luis decided he better get the waiter out of Sheridan’s line of fire.
“I am so sorry. This pregnancy is really getting to her.” Luis said. The waiter nodded and quickly walked away.
“Sher, you seriously need to calm down otherwise we are not going to be able to come back.” Luis said, trying to be serious, but the look in Sher’s eyes was making him melt. Her seductive gleam was getting to him. It was time for his payback and Sher was going to give it to him, just like he did to her.
5 minutes later
The waiter brought out the two lobsters and the crab. “Will that be all?” the waiter asked noticing Sheridan already eating her lobster and her crab. Luis chuckled at the scene in front of him. “That will be all.” He said as he turned his attention to his lobster and started eating. After 5 bites from each of her crab and lobster Sheridan said, “Well I am ready to go.”
Luis looked at her stunned. “You are already done?” His eyes wide as he looked over at the uneaten food. “Yes, and now I want dessert.” That gleam in her eyes were back and Luis knew it was time to leave. He held up his hand to get the waiter’s attention. “Waiter, check please and a bag to bring this left over lobster and crab home.” The waiter nodded his head and went to get the check and bag.
The waiter appeared with the check and handed it to Luis. Sheridan took the bag away from the waiter and put her lobster and crab in the bag. Luis paid the waiter the bill of $109 and put his lobster also in the bag. He put out his right arm for Sheridan to take and they walked out the door.
“Can this taxi go any faster?” Sheridan whispered in his ear, giving his earlobe a little nip. Her warm breath in his ear making him even more crazy. “Just a little longer.” Luis whispered back.
Sheridan had moved to his neck giving him little biting kisses from his ears to his neck. Luis pulled back her face and brought his lips to hers. While their tongues dueling with each other, neither noticed that the taxi had stopped right outside their apartment complex. The taxi driver smirked as he looked through the rear view mirror at the couple. “We are here folks.” As soon as Sheridan registered here, she stopped their kiss and looked outside to see their apartment.
Luis opened the door and helped Sheridan from the car. Luis paid the driver and Sheridan was yanking at his arm for him to follow. James, the bellboy, had seen them do that many times. When he saw Sheridan yanking at Luis, he knew they had an interesting night ahead of them. He smirked as Luis walked by.
Finally, inside their apartment, Sheridan had decided there was going to be no foreplay, she needed him NOW.
Sheridan pushed him against the open door. Trying so hard to unbutton the small buttons on his shirt. Their kisses becoming urgent and the need for air forgotten. Luis hands roamed up her legs and started caressing the inner part of her thighs, going higher each time.
Sheridan gasped for air as she felt Luis’ hands brush against her damp center. She was already ready for the taking and Luis well his erection was definitely present as he pressed against Sheridan’s stomach.
Sheridan pushed off his jacket to his suit and once again stared working on the buttons. Luis lifted Sheridan up and she wrapped her legs around him. Her center feeling his full erection. She moaned. Slowly walking to their bedroom while Sheridan was kissing any skin she could find on Luis. Every time she triumphantly released a button, she would kiss the newly exposed area.
Slowly, moving her on the bed, Luis removed her red high shoes and slowly off came that sexy red dress. She was lying on the bed with nothing but her black lacy bra and thong.
She moved unto her knees, slowly inching her way towards Luis again. This time instead of trying to get more buttons undone, she ripped the shirt, sending buttons flying everywhere. Next, the pants came down and so did his boxers.
A big grin spread across his face, as he stood by the bed with nothing but a smile. Luis reached out and brought Sheridan in for a kiss, while his hands worked at removing her bra.
Looking down at her full breasts brought a groan to Luis. He brought his mouth to her breast, gentle sucking the nipple, his tongue swirling around it trying to sooth it. He returned the favor to her twin. Sher was pulling at Luis’ hair, wanting him to kiss her.
He granted her the wish and came back up giving her a full kiss and then deepened it. His hands went down till it reached her black thong, slowly it being brought down her legs. Luis laid Sheridan down on the bed while he slowly kissed from her lips down to her belly button and then slowly coming to her center.
His tongue licking her center, finding in hot. He slipped his finger inside, finding it wet. He slowly began moving his finger inside her, Sheridan soon began rocking with his fingers. As soon as it looked like Sher was going to climax, Luis stopped his moving fingers and waited till she came back down.
Sheridan had enough. “Luis I want you inside me NOW, DAMMIT!” Luis looked at her, shock on his face. “As the lady wishes.” He said as he slowly entered her. Moans filled the room as their rocking became more intense. Sheridan could feel herself slowly reaching the stars and one more quick and deep thrust from Luis, shattered her world. Her moan filling the room. “LLLLUUUUUIIIIISSSSS!” As soon as Luis heard her scream his name, he released and moaned with pleasure. He collapsed on her body, both spent.
Luis rolled off of her and brought her into his arms. Reaching for the covers and covering their slick sweaty covered bodies up with the sheet, he whispered, “I love you” before sleep took him. A slow and whispered, “I love you too” came right before sleep over took them both. They slept entangled in each other’s arms, sated and spent.

12.11.07, 12:09 AM
Chapter Five
“Luis, how are we going to tell your family about the baby?” She asked while at the table eating her scrambled eggs and caressing her belly. Neither could believe that there was a tiny life, a miracle growing inside Sheridan.
“Well, after the meeting with our fathers we could invite my family out to dinner or invite them here.” Sheridan groaned at thinking she would have to come face to face with her father again, especially so soon in learning her wonderful news. “Whatever we do, my father cannot find out about this pregnancy. I don’t want something to happen to me like it did to Kim.” That was Sheridan’s worst fear.
Luis sensing Sheridan’s fear for her father and being taken away from him, walked over to Sheridan and wrapped one of his arms around her neck, while the other went down to caress her belly. “Nobody is going to take you away from me, NEVER.” When he whispered that in her ear, a tingle went up her spine. Thoughts of last night came rushing through….the touches….the kisses…the entire night of lovemaking. Luis always knew how to make her feel loved.
Sheridan turned around and lifted her lips to his, giving a light kiss on the lips. “I am sorry for always thinking of the worst.” She sniffled. Luis knew another mood swing was coming. He started massaging her shoulders trying to get her to relax. “It’s all right baby. I am here.” Luis whispered. Sheridan quickly whipped away the few tears that managed to cascade down her face. “Sorry.” “Nothing to be sorry about.” Luis soothed her. “How about we get ready for this meeting so we can tell the family about the wonderful new addition.” Sheridan smiled at Luis. He extended his hand out to her and she took it. The walked into the bedroom to get ready for the meeting that was to take place in a little over an hour.
“Sheridan! Come on. We have ten minutes to get to office for the meeting.” Luis screamed through the bathroom door.” “Well excuse me Luis. Tell Junior here that he or she can’t make mommy go to the bathroom ever ten minutes.” She hollered back.
Hearing the door slowly open, Luis ran and grabbed Sheridan’s arm and raced out the door, hoping to make it to the meeting on time for a change. If they didn’t, everyone there would think they were at it again. Just how he wanted his family to portray him and Sher, as sex maniacs….and Luis thought, ‘and then again, we kind of are.’
Twenty minutes later, Luis and Sheridan raced into the boardroom, everyone staring at them. “Sorry we are late. Traffic was bad.” Luis said hoping that no one asked questions.
“It’s about time you and my daughter arrived.” Alistair snipped. “Nice to see you to Father.” Sheridan snipped back. Luis pulled out the chair and helped Sheridan sit down, Antonio was on the other side of the table, grinning. He knew Luis was being very protective of Sheridan, especially with the baby coming.
Martin cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention. They looked up and the meeting began.
Twenty minutes into the meeting, Sheridan started feeling queasy. Just hearing her father say that Crane Industries meant everything to him all because of his deceased wife made Sheridan nauseous. Like Alistair cared about Katherine. Even Pilar was turning red with anger. Luis looked at Sheridan and saw her pale white.
“Is something wrong sweetheart?” Luis asked concerned. “I think I am going to be sick.” Sheridan said before running out the boardroom door and down the hall towards the bathroom.
“What is wrong with my daughter? What did you do to her?” Alistair roared his voice through the room. “I didn’t do anything to her, Mr. Crane.” Luis shouted back. Theresa excused herself to go check on Sheridan.
Walking into the bathroom, she heard Sheridan saying, “Can’t you be nice to mommy for an hour?”
Theresa stood there, mouth hanging open. “You’re pregnant?” Sheridan turned around towards the door to see her soon to be sister-in-law standing there looking excited. ‘Why couldn’t it be Paloma who walked through the door? No it had to be the blabber mouth of the family.’ Sheridan thought.
How was Sheridan going to keep Theresa from spilling the secret around anyone, including her father?
Chapter Six
“Theresa, I didn’t hear you come in.” Sheridan said, trying to compose herself and think about what she was going to say to her. “Oh My God. I am going to be an aunt. AHHHH!!” Theresa screamed, really excited.
“Theresa, you need to keep this to yourself. Nobody was supposed to know until after the meeting. Not even Luis can know you know. Got it?” “No problem, after all, you are making me an aunt.” Sheridan wasn’t too sure if she should trust her.
Theresa and Sheridan walked back into the conference room. Luis got up and helped Sheridan back into her chair. Theresa kind of floated back to her seat. “Theresa, what has gotten into you?” Pilar asked, while looking at her daughter’s smile across the face.
Theresa dropped the smile and looked at Pilar. “Nothing mother.” She leaned into Pilar and started whispering into her ear. “Sheridan and I were discussing how Alistair is going to pay.” Pilar nodded. Sheridan sat there hoping that her secret wasn’t being exposed to Pilar at that moment and her father would find out.
“Are you guys going to whisper the whole time or are we going to finish this stupid meeting?” Alistair roared.
Sheridan had enough of her father. Luis and Antonio looked at Sheridan turning red. Another mood swing was coming, and her line of fire was directed to Alistair Crane. Antonio smirked, thinking that this was going to be a great scene, ‘a scene directly out of a movie.’
Sheridan rose from her spot and looked directly at Alistair, eyes squinted, showing her anger. “FATHER, SHUT UP!!” Alistair looked over at Sheridan, surprised at her outburst. “What have they done to you? Did they brain wash you? They are trying to take your mother’s company.” Alistair said in retort.
“You NEVER cared about mother’s company. I am sure that is it wasn’t such a gold mine then you would have gotten out of the company long ago. No excuse me, but I need some air.” Sheridan angrily stomped out of the boardroom, walking toward the elevators.
Luis stood up and looked at Alistair. “If you care at all about your daughter then you will sign those papers.” Luis walked out of the conference room, going the way Sheridan was last seen going.
“This isn’t over.” Alistair screamed as he too walked out of the room. “Well that went well.” Martin said sarcastically.
“Walker, I have an assignment for you. Find anything we can use against the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and my daughter.” Alistair smirked evilly. ‘They won’t know what hit them.

12.11.07, 12:10 AM
Chapter Seven
Sheridan composed herself and walked back into the boardroom, followed by Luis. Mascara ran down her face indicating that she had been crying. “I am sorry about my outburst.” Sheridan said somewhat ashamed of what she had done. The emotion swings were in effect from her pregnancy.
“No need to apologize Sheridan. I was about to yell at him too.” Martin said sincerely. “Mama, Papa. Sheridan and I want to take the family out to dinner. We have an announcement to make.” Theresa smiled widely. But she promised to keep it a secret and she was going to TRY her hardest to do just that.
“Why mijo? Is something wrong?” Pilar asked concerned for her son and soon to be daughter-in-law. “Nope.” Luis said with a smirk.
“Sure son. We all would love to.” Martin said. He had an idea of what has going to be said, but we wasn’t going to spoil his son’s announcement. It was obvious those two couldn’t keep their hands of each other, so it was an easy guess on Sheridan being pregnant.
The Lopez-Fitzgerald family walked into a café. Sheridan had picked out the place because she had a craving for hotdogs with Tabasco sauce. She knew they wouldn’t have Tabasco sauce so she had a small bottle tucked in her purse.
“Isn’t this cozy.” Antonio said with a laugh. “Shut up will you. Papa said she could chose the place.” Antonio and Luis constantly picked on each other. “Boys stop it this instant.” Pilar demanded. Miguel, Theresa, and Paloma laughed at Antonio and Luis getting punished by their mom. Sheridan chuckled as well.
“Sheridan, you are supposed to be on my side.” Luis teased. Martin wanted this announcement now. “So what is it that you want to tell us?”
Before Luis and Sheridan could announce the waitress wanted their orders. Antonio started first and ordered a simple cheeseburger. So did Paloma, Miguel, and Theresa. Pilar looked over the menu and settled with just a salad. Martin ordered the works burger. Pilar looked over at him. “Have you ever had it?”
“No, but I am willing to try something new unlike you and the salad. “Excuse me, I changed my mind about the salad. I will also have the works burger.” Martin snickered.
“I knew you would see things my way.” Pilar slapped him in the arm. Luis ordered the bacon cheeseburger, and Sheridan ordered 3 hotdogs. “Are you going to eat THREE hotdogs?” Paloma asked. “Yes, I am very hungry.” Martin went back to the announcement. “OK, announce now.” Luis looked over at Sheridan with a gleam in his eyes. Sheridan knew what that meant. He was going to make them wait. “Nah, not right now.” Groans were heard around the table. He whispered something to Sheridan and a smile lit her face.
Twenty minutes later, their food arrived. Sheridan’s mouth watered after smelling the hotdogs. She grabbed the Tabasco sauce and out it all over her hotdogs. “Ewww, Sheridan you are not actually going to eat that are you?” Miguel asked with his face holding the disgust of looking at the hotdogs. She took a bite and moaned with delight. “Well, whatever my baby wants, he or she gets.” Sheridan said, hoping the family would get the clue. “Oh my god. Sheridan you are pregnant.” Paloma screamed. “I already knew. Nana nana booboo.” Theresa said.
They all said congratulations, even though she wasn’t happy that they weren’t married. “Will the wedding be moved up then?” Pilar asked. “He never thought of that mama.” Luis said.
After finishing their meal, they all got up and gave hugs to Sheridan. Martin walked over to her and whispered into her ear. “I already knew too. You to can’t keep your hands off each other.” Martin moved away and a blush rushed to Sheridan’s face.
Luis took Sheridan’s hand into his, their fingers intertwined. “Well, we better get home.” Luis announced. Miguel said with a smirk, “Can’t you keep your hands off each other for a day.” “Nope.” And Luis and Sheridan left the café headed home for some loving.
“Did you find anything on that damn family or my daughter?” Alistair yelled at the private investigator.
“Yes I did, sir.”
“Your daughter is pregnant.” Alistair’s face became lightened with an evil smirk.
“I will have my revenge!”
Chapter Eight
“Luis, I thought we were going to go home.” Sheridan pouted, lip protruding out. Luis smiled at looking at that face. She was so beautiful and there was that glow about her. But that still didn’t mean he couldn’t resist her…..sometimes. “Nope.”
He walked over to the door leading into the baby section at Nordstrom’s. They had ALL the best clothes. Sure, everything was pricey, but his children would have the best. And that started now.
Sheridan looked up at the building and smiled. “OHHHH, SHOPPING!!” She squealed with delight. Luis laughed. She was too much sometimes. That was one of the many reasons he loved about her.
She grabbed his arm and yanked it towards one of the many racks of baby sleepers. “Oh, Luis look at this.” She held up a yellow sleeper with bears on it. “Wait..I like this one more.” Luis laughed. Apparently, the white sleeper with ducks was better. To him a sleeper was a sleeper. It made no difference to him, but it did to Sheridan, so he went along with it.
“Luis, I want to check out the dresses.” Sheridan was so excited as she walked over to the little girls section. Luis walked up behind her and pulled her back into him. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “and how do you know it is going to be a girl?”
Sheridan turned around and glared at him. Oh No, another mood swing and he was he target. “Sheridan, calm down. You don’t want to make a scene, do you?” She just walked away from him and continued to look at the frilly pink dresses with bows or the cute purple outfits with hearts on them. Everything was just perfect.
Luis was cowardly staying many feet away from her. “Luis, get you ass over here!” He ran to her, not wanting to be a target again. They walked over to the little boys section. “See Luis. I wasn’t expecting to have a girl. I just wanted to see what clothes were available.” She once again took off for the many racks.
She held up little business suits or Tommy shirts and pants. She was loving every minute of this and the glow around her brightened. She looked back over to Luis and the next craving hit her, the one to jump his bones. The mischievous gleam in her eyes told Luis everything he needed to know.
“So, I guess this is the time we leave huh?” Luis asked already knowing the answer. “You bet and I am going to make you pay big time for that little remark from earlier.” She swayed her hips even more and Luis just groaned.

12.11.07, 12:10 AM
Chapter Nine
“Call Dominic in here immediately.” Alistair boomed at his receptionist. “Yes sir.” The tiny five foot three blond said as she swayed her hips out of his office. Every girl who worked for Alistair had to be good looking and have the right moves, but to this day Megan could not figure out why she took it.
Sure, the money was good, but the demands weren’t. She felt sorry for Alistair’s daughter at the moment. She heard Alistair on the phone with Dominic Reynolds this morning the mighty Sheridan Crane being pregnant with a Lopez-Fitzgerald baby and how Alistair wanted his own grandchild destroyed before even taking its first breath.
Megan knew though not to cross Mr. Crane or her death was next. In the papers, it had said that the Lopez-Fitzgerald Empire was trying to buy out Crane Industries. ‘Is that why Mr. Crane is so upset?’ Megan thought.
She put away the thoughts though and went to call Dominic like Alistair had asked. Better not make him mad today.
************************************************** **
“Hmm…baby. Get back into bed.” Sheridan mumbled as she squinted her eyes open, trying to adjust to the brightness.
“I can’t. You know that. I need to get to work and keep trying to get that company for you.” Just hearing his voice say that made her deliriously happy.
“I love that you want to do that for me, but I need you.” She smiled seductively and dropped the sheet, exposing her naked form to him. His groan gave Sheridan her victory.

“I guess I can be late for work again today. It isn’t like I haven’t been late before since you showed up in my life.” They two of them then began their love making all over again, as if they hadn’t been hours earlier.
Chapter Ten
“When Luis leaves that apartment, I want my men to get Sheridan out of there. Kidnap her and take her to that remote island in the Pacific I have that no one knows about. There I will arrange to have the Lopez-Fitzgerald brat destroyed.” Alistair roared in his office at Dominic.
“But sir, isn’t that same island where SHE is?” Dominic was scared. If those two met up and the plan revealed, the Cranes would really go down, especially Alistair. Dominic was hired to protect Alistair and do the dirty work.
“Oh, yeah. I forgot.” He waved it off and kept on saying, “We will have to build a new mansion on the other side and hire more guards. There would be no way they would meet.”
“But sir…”
“NO BUT SIR! DO IT NOW!” Dominic rose from his seat, said his yes sir and walked out of the office to make arrangements for the Prison Mansion of Sheridan Crane, just like the other woman on the other side.
The lonely soul that people missed dearly.
“Luis, you are late for work again.” Antonio said with his smirk as he saw Luis get off the elevator. “And I must say that red lipstick is DEFINITELY your color.”
Luis rubbed his lips and sure enough, there was some of Sheridan’s lipstick. “Shut up man. I know Kim does that to you too.” Luis socked Antonio in the shoulder as he made his way to the bathroom to check out his face for more evidence of Sheridan’s assault on him as he was trying to leave.
Where do you think you are going, handsome?” Sheridan appeared from the bathroom, dressed for the day in her seductive red dress that hugged her curves, and hinted at the bump of the child growing inside her. Bright red lipstick on her lips. Damn, but he wanted her again.
“Sher, baby. I am already two hours late. I NEED to get going.”
Sher stuck out her lip and pouted. “I don’t even get a good-bye kiss? I am hurt.”
Luis smiled, knowing the game she was playing. “Now, don’t give me that. Come here, you sexy woman and kiss your man good-bye so he can be back here soon.”
Sheridan ran into his arms and attacked him with so much passion. Lips meshed. By the end of their 10-minute kissing session, their lips were swollen and Luis kissed Sher one more time and then her stomach, and promised to be home by five.
***End flashback***
Luis quickly washed the remaining lipstick off his cheeks and lips and walked out and toward his office, where he got a nervous feeling in his stomach, like something was wrong with Sheridan and the baby.
To Be Continued...

12.12.07, 12:00 AM
Chapter Eleven
Antonio noticed the closer they were walking to Luis' office, the whiter he was becoming. "What's wrong Luis?"
"I am not sure. I just have this gut feeling that something is wrong with Sher and the baby."
"Give her a call to ease your mind."
Luis shook his head yea and walked into his office to make the call. When Luis got to his desk, he noticed he needed to call a woman named Megan. Something about important information on Alistair Crane. 'Hmm. better call her first.' Luis thought as he picked up the phone and dialed the call back number.
Ring Ring
"Hello. Alistair Crane's Office. How can I help you?" a woman answered the phone.
"Can I speak to a Megan, please?" Luis asked, wondering why she gave him the office number. Wouldn't it have been safer to call her house.
"This is she. Is this Luis?" She sounded concerned about something.
"Yes, it is. What dirt to you have?" "Get home fast. Sheridan and the baby are in trouble." and with that she hung up the phone.
Now Luis was getting nervous as he dialed his penthouse number and it just rang and rang. Luis started running out of his office as he ran into Martin. "Gotta save Sheridan, dad." He said as he started running again, taking the stairs 2 at a time, not even bothering with the elevator.
When he got to the ground lot, he ran outside screaming, "TAXI! TAXI!" When one approached, he didn't even give it time to stop as he jumped in and gave the address. The taxi sped off.
When Luis arrived at the penthouse, he threw a $50 at the driver and started running up stairs to the 20th floor, the penthouse suites. When Luis finally made it to the 20th floor, he noticed his door was open and the house was ransacked.

12.26.07, 1:10 AM
Chapter Twelve

"Sheridan, Are you here?" Luis yelled, running through the house. The house remained silent. Sheridan wasn't there. He broke out in tears, finding in the mess the brown teddy bear he had just purchased yesterday with the name Lopez-Fitzgerald on it. His first gift to the baby. The insides now ripped out. Luis began to feel rage. Who would do this? especially to a pregnant woman and the innocent baby.

:I am going to kill Alistair Crane of I find out he touched one hair on Sheridan's head!" Luis burst out.

"Luis! Are you here?" Antonio's voice rang through the living room, as he ran down the hall to find Luis and what was left of a teddy bear. "What happened?"

"Alistair Crane is what happened!"

"Let me call Kim and see if she has heard from Sheridan today." Antonio said trying to calm Luis down. Antonio dialed the cell number to his fiancees phone and when it went right to voice mail, me knew something was off. :Her phone is off. It usually is never off." Antonio was now getting concerned for Kim and Alex as well as Sheridan. "Shouldn't we call the police and report a break in here?" Antonio asked trying to get Luis to at ;least answer him now instead of just staring at the teddy bear.

Hitting Luis lightly on the shoulder, Antonio tried again to alert his brother. "I am calling the police Luis." Luis nodded yes and Antonio dialed.


"This is the second break in today for the ritzy neighbor hoods." Said one of the officers taking Luis' and Antonio's story.

"Who was the first?" Antonio asked, not sure he wanted to know.

"Some place on Park Avenue. I think it was apartment 12 in the Fairway Gardens.

" Why wasn't I notified my place was broken into." Antonio screamed at the officer.

1.3.08, 12:03 AM
Chapter Twelve

"Let me go. Damn it! You are hurting me." Sheridan screamed at the big burly man.

"Sheridan, Is that you?" Sheridan thought she had heard Kimberly talking. Looking around she saw no one. When all of a sudden walking out of the bathroom was Kimberly in tears and a welt the size of Manhattan. Kimberly ran to Sheridan praying to god that they hadn't hurt her as well.

"Back it off you two." The burly man said shoving at both of them till they broke apart. He quickly grabbed Kimberly and tied her to one of the two chairs in the room. Sheridan looked around, looking for a way to escape. 'Damn the exit was now blocked by what she would call a giant. Sheridan didn't even notice the big guy approach her and tie her up as well.

"Why are you doing this to us?" Sheridan demanded. Both big men looked at each other and laughed.

"You two were naughty and now this is your punishment." The giant said.

"What did we do?" Kimberly asked.

"You couldn't stay away from the Lopez-Fitzgeralds." Alistair's voice boomed from the doorway. Both females went white. "Father." "Uncle."

"Don't you worry though. I am going to raise your children as true Cranes." Alistair looked like the devil as he said no real emotion as he said it.

"Don't you dare touch my son." Kimberly seethed at the man in front of her.

"Too late. He has already been told you died." Alistair's laugh was a sound neither had heard before. True hatred. "As for you darling daughter, as soon as you give birth to the true heir, I can dispose of you too."

"NO!" Sheridan fainted.


"Your place sir?" The officer asked.

"Yeah, mine and my fiancees, as well as our son. Now what happened?"

"All I know was the neighbors heard yelling and when they went to check it out your door was open and everything was in shamples."

"No sign of anyone?"

"Just a note saying "I've got my revenge."

"Damn it! Alistair Crane did this." Antonio screamed.

1.8.08, 11:53 PM
Chapter Fourteen

"Crane did you say?" the officer asked, white as a ghost.

"Yeah, why?"

"Alistair kidnapped my sister, well half sister years ago. Only we couldn't prove it."

"Why would he do that?" Luis asked, hating his soon to be father-in-law even more.

"She was a Crane. Alistair was her father. She never even saw the man until she turned 5."

"Perfect age for boarding school." Luis seethed. "It sure sounds like Alistair. I bet your sister was put away in some boarding school to become a true Crane. Both of our fiancees had that happen to them."

"She should be 20 now. Why hasn't she contacted us?" the officer asked, concerned for his little sister.

"She probably was told that she had no one left and since nobody has seen her in 15 years, she probably thinks that is true." Antonio stated.


"Wake her up!" Alistair boomed, not even a little bit concerned for his darling daughter,

"Yes father." said a female that had just entered the room. Kimberly heard this and stared at the girl.

"Father?" Kimberly asked.

"Yes, he is my father. Who are you?" She was a woman in her early twenties, if that. It looked like to Kimberly that she had just come back from the spa with fresh manicured nails and new dye job for the hair.

"Don't mind her Alisha." Alistair roared. When Alistair yelled this girl just up and listened. Heck, she even looked up to the man like he walked on water, "Just get this girl up."

"Girl?, Uncle Alistair? She is your daughter." Kimberly knew she should have kept quiet, but finding out a Crane secret was making her mind mush. And just like she thought, she was rewarded with a slap in the face from her uncle.


Sheridan's eyes began to open a good ten minutes later,

"Good to see you are awake." Alistair sneered. "Now both of you will take the paper and pen I have given you and write a letter to your fiancees stating you are leaving them, never to return."

Sheridan started crying not even noticing the other blonde girl in the corner.

"I will be back in ten minutes and it better be written." Alistair yelled before he started walking out. "Alisha, come!" The door closed behind them.

"Sheridan, I have got to tell you something." Kimberly told her, looking at the door where the girl had disappeared.

1.14.08, 4:10 PM
Chapter Fifteen

"What is wrong, Kimberly?" Sheridan was curious, watching Kim look at the girl who had disappeared with her father. "Who is she?"

"Kimberly focused back on Sheridan, her eyes rounded with surprise. "She called Alistair father!"

"'What? As far as I know, I am the only Crane daughter of Alistair and Julian is the only son." Sheridan was clearly confused.

'Well aparently, Alistair hasn't been honest about anything."


Luis was fuming. He should have seen it coming. Now Sheridan, Kimberly, and Alex were somewhere out there with the madman. He couldn't even fathom what Little Alex was going through with him. Luis' hands went into fists, vowing to bring back his fiancee and his brother's family and making Alistair Crane pay.

"Luis, are you ok?" Antonio put his left hand on his brother's back. When Luis turned around, Antonio saw silent tears running down his brother's face. "Let me call the family?, ok?" Antonio asked.

Luis shook his head yes and Antonio got out his cell phone and dialed his parents number.


"Oh Mios." PIlar ran into Antonio's place and grabbed her two boys. Pilar could see that this was troubling him, especially Luis. When Martin walked in, he looked around and saw the place in shambles. Shaking his head, he waled over to his wife. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds put their arms around each other and gave a group hug. Silently praying for the return of Sheridan, Kimberly, and Little Alex.

"What did the police say?" Martin looked at his two distraught sons.

Antonio was the first to speak. "They are looking for Alistair as we speak." Martin nodded.

Luis looked around, noticing some of the family missing. "Where is Theresa, Miguel, and Paloma?"

Pilar answered this question with, "We have them under security supervision until Alistair is caught."

"Good!" Both boys said at the same time.


"Alisha, get over here now! and quit staring at that damn door. Those people are nothing! Do you hear me?" Alisha as of late had been getting scared of Alistair. She couldn't understand why he was doing this to his own daughter. 'Will he do that to me?' She thought.

"Father, Can I ask you a question?"

"No! You need to get ready to take Alex to Switzerland. I have the boarding school all set up. Now Move!"

Alisha ran down the hallway, running for her life.

1.30.08, 6:01 PM
Chapter Sixteen

Alisha opened the door and walked into the room with Sheridan and Kimberly. "What do you want?" Sheridan asked.

"I am here to help." She quickly walked over to the chairs and cut the ropes. Sheridan looked at her, curiously. "Why are you helping us?" "Will father do this to me too? I can't help thinking." Kimberly walked over to her, putting her into the biggest hug, 'Thanks so much. Now, where is my son?"

"I have in the car, which father thinks I am taking him to boarding school. You two just take the back stairs and I will meet you in the car. Hurry!"

Sheridan and Kim ran out the door, heading for the back stairs.


"Mommy!" Alex ran to his mother, giving her the biggest hug he could. "Oh baby. I missed you." Alisha slid into the car and told the driver to go.

"Do you have a phone I can use to call Luis?'" Alisha handed her the phone, where Sheridan called Luis.


"Hello?" Luis asked.

"Luis, Its me baby."

"Sheridan? Where are you?" Luis asked, frantically.

Sheridan cried before telling him, "I'm on my way home."


Luis met Sheridan when the limo stopped in front of their apartment. "Oh my god, Sheridan!" Luis and Sheridan hugged, as well as Kimberly and Antonio along with Alex.

"Luis, I would like you to meet Alisha, apparently my sister. She helped us escape." Luis shook hands with Alisha. "Thank you for saving her and my baby."

"You're welcome. I didn't want the same thing to happen to me when I told father I was pregnant by the limo driver." Alisha smirked.

Limo Driver Stan got out of the car. "You ready babe?"

"Of course. see you around Sheridan." Alisha walked back to the limo and sat in the front seat. The limo drove off.

"Time to put Alistair in jail." By then the police had arrived to take statements and a car was sent to pick up one Alistair Crane.


"Mama! Watch me swim with daddy?" Their beautiful four year old daughter said. She was the splitting image of Luis, except for those blue eyes. Amelia Anne Lopez-Fitzgerald.

'I'm watching baby." Sheridan said, while getting out of her lounger. She was now 6 months pregnant again, but this time with their beautiful baby boy. Kimberly and Antonio just had their third son. Alex was now eight, Antonio Jr was three, and Lucas just turned 2 months. All three looked like their daddy.

Amelia swam to her daddy doing the doggy paddle. "Way to go baby." Amelia smiled at her mom and then her dad.

Life couldn't have been better.

Luis got out of the pool. and walked toward Sheridan, wrapping his arms around her belly. "How do you feel today?"

"perfect. I have two beautiful children, one wonderful husband, and the greatest family on earth."

"When does Alisha come out?" Luis asked,

'Next week. She is bringing her daughter Samantha to come and play with Amelia." Alisha had given birth to Sam seven months after Alistair was arrested and put in prison. Alistair was furious when he had found out who had betrayed him, along with marrying the limo driver and then giving birth to his baby.

"How are you baby?" Sheridan asked Luis.

"Perfect." Luis whispered back to her.